Sunday 7 October 2012


I'm not used to all this activity-I've been stuck behind a desk too long!
Here's a quick weekend recap:
I took Ginger down to the club grounds/ring in the morning. She was excellent. I led her down the road and was happy I did since there must be construction somewhere. Dump trucks, backhoes, cube vans, you name it, it drove by. Ginger needed time to look but did just fine. We had a nice little ride at the ring after that. I got to catch up with some old friends and Ginger got to meet some new ones. She's still a bit unsure about letting new people or horses in her giant sense of personal space, but overall she was a very well behaved girl and seemed to enjoy the outing.
Later in the afternoon, I went out for a trail ride to the lake with another boarder. We tried out a palomino Curly horse we named Sarge. He seems like a been there done that no nonsense sort of guy so Sarge seemed to fit. Sounds like the barn owner was given him when he needed a new home. Lucky for all involved as I think he'll fit in just fine and stay a while. Yesterday ended up being a lot more hours in the saddle than I'm used to, I literally couldn't keep my eyes open last night and went to bed at 8 o'clock :)
I was still dragging myself around this morning so I didn't head out to ride Ginger until later in the morning. I'm hoping she likes the new barn because she is a lot more friendly and relaxed this past week that normal. Today she ran up to the gate to meet me and stood quietly without being tied for a good grooming. We headed back down to the ring for a quick lunge and warm up ride. Liking how relaxed she was, I decided there's no time like the present and we headed our for our first trail ride. I'm proud to say she didn't put a foot wrong and just generally seemed to really be enjoying herself. We were all by ourselves, too. Who knew my anxious, sensitive little mare would take a liking to trail riding? I'm ashamed to admit up until last week I didn't have much faith! She packed me up and down hills and through rocks and puddles like she's done it a thousand times before. I couldn't have been happier with her and I think she knew it - she seemed pretty proud of herself for looking after me so well ;)
Since Ginger did all the work, I headed out for a hike after our ride. It's been the best weekend in a long time, but I think it will be another early night!

Blurry, but heres the photographic evidence of our trail ride:


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