Wednesday 24 October 2012

Anti Social

Ginny and I went for another solo trail ride this afternoon. I'm beginning to think we both needed a time out and I didn't realize it. I feel a bit guilty because I've had a few invitations for clinics and group trail rides. I feel like I should be out supporting the club and catching up with my riding buddies but really all I want to do is sneak out on the back roads and go for a nice relaxing trail ride with Ginny. We pretty much keep it to a brisk walk and enjoy the quiet and the scenery. From my point of view, I'm still interested in being a better rider and training Ginny, so I'm sure I'll be signing up for some more interesting things soon. For now, though, I'm still recharging and am enjoying having little to no schedules or demands. You'll have to put up with pictures of random roads and trails framed by Ginny's ears for a bit more. Here's one from Tuesday:
 Welsome to the coast - the deciduous trees are still leafy and green. Its a bit surreal, even for here.

I'm still trying to figure out Ginny's perspective. She's obviously very happy exploring the trails. She meets me at the gate, follows me around everywhere and gets excited when I take her out to tack up. She also either has the worlds worst sense of direction or she doesn't want to go home, since she consistently has to be directed back to the barn - she'll try to keep on going past the trails home. Funny how she knows how to find the trails out though.

What I'm currently puzzling over is the fact that my ride at the ring this morning was vintage Ginger - all spooky silliness. As soon as we hit the trails after she was essentially bomb proof - we even went past an operating gravel pit and a machine clearing the forest in our travels today. If even a toy version of this stuff ended up anywhere near the ring there would be some interesting antics - yet somehow its all cool and we are playing dude ranch pony, marching quietly past :

I'm left wondering if she's simply bored in the ring and creating a little pony drama or whether there's more to it. My gut says it's the latter. I'm still thinking this one over, and I'm pretty content to do so on the trail. This could take a while :)

I've got a ride to the lake planned tomorrow . The weather has been rainy and horrible for a couple of weeks now so I get to feel all awesome and dedicated for continuing to ride outside.  Really, I'm getting tired of climbing back into the truck and feeling like I've showered with my clothes on. G is tired of me bringing horsey gear home to dry in the basement. It smells like a barn down there, apparently. I pretend not to notice  ;) Here's the view from my window tonight - I hope that means we'll still be seeing some sun in the morning:
If not, I'll probably pout like a little kid, then go buy a pass for the indoor riding arena. I'm pretty spoiled these days - my biggest concern is usually whether its going to rain when I head out to ride. First world problems, right?

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