Tuesday 2 October 2012

Patience is a virtue, right?

I'm sitting here at our house on the coast waiting for Ginger to arrive. She's coming on the ferry from Vancouver Island and we just happen to have a view over the water and the ferry route from our living room and deck. I'm getting our real estate dollar value today, peeking out the window every five minutes :) And what do I see out there? A sunny, but super windy day with big breakers at the shore and tons of whitecaps out in the strait. So either she comes later tonite or possibly tomorrow. It's a long route so there are only 4 sailings a day, barring any cancellations. It's a very large ferry, but they do still cancel sailings in high winds since a portion of the run is in open, unprotected water. So I must be patient. I wonder if horses can get seasick?

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