Thursday 8 June 2023

Another week in photos

 Same old, same old. But in the best possible way. I've been super busy. 

I needed a picture of a busy bee but here's a butterfly I saw instead

This past week, we trailered to the club grounds once, but otherwise we stuck close to home and  enjoyed the outdoors and the long daylight hours to their fullest.

Our yard and gardens are in full bloom

As is my allergy nemesis, broom. I backtracked on this trail because it narrows further and basically you need to be prepared to be covered in flowers and pollen. Also, there are bears in here. So many bears and they love creeping around in the shrubs right next to the trails (or maybe they love creeping me, I don't know, but I'm getting a little tired of us all being mutually surprised to see each other...we all just need to hang out where there are sight lines ok?)

I turned the sprinkler on in our little veggie garden, thinking that and the electric wire around 3 sides of it would be enough to keep B out while still letting her have a treat and mow around the edges. Nope, that was a fail. Although her regrets every time the sprinkler come around and hit her bum did make me laugh. Poor B.

This was my best landscaping purchase last summer. A sad little rose bush from Wal-Mart for $7 and it's thriving and already growing over the barn roof! Pro gardener here (kidding) staking it with baling twine and caring for it by throwing Bridget poo in it's general direction once in a while.

I installed a shelf and hooks on the other side of the barn. Husband G is much happier now. He's  challenged as to how to put a halter on if it's just left randomly left in a pile. I should have done this forever ago anyways, tossing them in a nearby bucket that also held hose attachments and sprinklers was never a great idea.

I found this chair abandoned in an overgrown part of the yard last fall. It's actually the first thing I ever used tools and built and designed myself. The wood is pretty scratched and beat up. It's had a hard life, living in the wild for who knows how long.  So it got a clean and a fun coat of paint last weekend. Maybe it will live another 20 years, who knows...I'm not overly sentimental but I thought it deserved a rescue. House painting is also still coming along, the side behind the chair is finished at last.

Lots of riding happening. I have a clinic and a show in the calendar next month. Eek!

Sometimes with extra company

This is the barn kitty of mysterious origins. He or she is lovely and I want to keep them, but first we're asking neighbours and will get scanned for microchip if no owner found nearby. It's so friendly I feel like someone must care for it, but also it's thin under all that fur and very hungry. I'm a terrible person and crossing fingers for a legit stray so I can keep and get a vet check up.

Only problem is that S is quite tuned into small animals and will chase. Here she's spotted Kitty on the fence line.  I don't know if her motives are playful or other, but so far kitty seems aware and very cautious of her.

A major feed room overhaul took place, there were a ton of yard tools and leftover construction stuff stashed in there. So, out with that and in with loads of hay. The barn is nearly full.

S looking golden for a golden hour ride. I've been riding as late as 9:30 at night. It feels like such a luxury to be able to ride whenever I want, especially after a hot day.

A pic of B that didn't quite turn out, but I still like it. A different time of day and better framing and I think I'd have my black and white arty pic I want to edit for my new office wall.

Hope everyone is enjoying the start of summer. My thoughts are with everyone affected by wildfires and am crossing fingers for rain for everyone.



  1. Beautiful pictures! Love the roses. And the cat. And of course, the ponies!

  2. It’s such a wonderful time of year. Keep us posted on the kitty.