Tuesday 29 June 2021


I downloaded the Ridely app a couple of days ago and so far I am loving it. I haven’t splurged for the paid version, but the free version still offers much of what I like in an equine app, all in one place. There is a place to set out your goals, as well as inspiration and targets to meet those goals in the form of how to videos and checklists. The free videos are short clips, but they’re relevant and feature some big names.

There is a place to schedule tasks and appointments, plus you can add “team members” to your horses’ profile if you have a trainer or lease. There’s also some basic data/ride tracking along the lines of what Equilab offers, including the ability to track your ride using your phone’s GPS. Plus, there some fun options to add favourite pictures or video of your ride to look back on and track your own fitness and progress. 

Just thought I’d share - I’m in no way affiliated with them, nor have I used it long enough to give an in depth review, but I know a lot of you enjoy useful horsey apps and this one seems pretty promising.



  1. Oooh! I think I saw Charlotte Dujardin post about this the other day and your blog has sealed the deal in me wanting to check out the app!

  2. The equisense app has a lot of that stuff too, but I honestly am just a pen and paper person and stick to that lol.

  3. It sounds like a good app.

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