Saturday 26 June 2021

Heat Dome

 That seems to be the media catch phrase for this. Whatever you want to call it, it’s record-smashing-hot over here, and the humidity is also nothing to laugh at. It feels like we’re in the tropics. I’m trying to view it as my delayed Zihautenejo vacation from 6 months ago :)

I’ve seen multiple posts floating around re: how safe it is to exercise your horse in this heat. A quick check shows we’re in the “do it very carefully” or “don’t even think about it” range depending on the time of day. My show was cancelled, which is fine...because I’ve opted not to ride in this at all. B isn’t built for the heat, and I’ve got no urgent reasons to get S out. Much easier to open the gate to their shady paddock, put out extra fresh water, and let them decide how much they want to move and how much shade is appropriate. Maybe I’m erring on the side of being too careful but with no equine vets here and very rustic amenities where I board, playing it safe is my go to at the moment.

Pretty sure B is OK with this plan

So, besides spending many free hours swimming in a nearby lake and lounging in the shade with a cold drink, I’ve been cleaning my tack and trailer, getting the camera out for some photos, and moving the electric fences around that divide the fields into pony appropriate rations.

Basically all the little things I normally have to rush or lack time for.

Look who I found this morning while I was moving the electric fence: 

I literally almost tripped over this little one. It just happened to be right where I wanted to put a post, otherwise I doubt I’d have known it was there at all.

I’m erring in the side of caution and moved the ponies. I’d like to think they would all coexist (momma has been sharing their field off and on since last fall) but I don’t want to find out the hard way that they don’t. The barn owner was pretty worried about Sophie yesterday, so I think best S especially stays out, just in case.

They looked peaceful enough this morning, tho.

B likes this change of venue. (Don’t worry, what is in camera frame is literally all there is, and she’s sharing with Sophie - she’s not out on acres of green grass. It amused me she waded right to the middle of it though, it’s fun being buried in your food, I guess!)

I’ve booked some time off later next week to get back on track with barn renos and ponyventures. For now, I’m going to enjoy my weekend “tropical vacation”



  1. wait did you move them to your place or jsut out in the field? Whatever they look happy! and that fawn!! I saw a momma doe drinking at my pond by the overhanging trees this am so only a few days till i see babies i am sure!! They come every year.

    And it is sad when you are prob hotter than us (It is hot here too just not the crazy temps)> I am ready for Fall. :)

    1. Just at where I board - I have free rein of a few acres there, and just section off little bits for the ponies. The home property is on hold in this heat and still far from ready :)
      The temps are honestly weird. LWilliams kindly explained celsius to farenheit conversions to me and so I can tell you its going to be 110 degrees today, with 50% humidity! So hot! We're normally a comfy room temp around here in summer.

    2. holy cow we are 90 today but the heat index makes it a bit toasty but NOT that bad. STAY COOL!! I cant wait to get your home barn done!! :)

    3. PS i saw a fawn today too on my pond bank. SO CUTE

    4. I kind of want a pet deer :D

  2. OMG that baby fawn! So cute

    1. It took a bit of self control to back away and not take a bunch of pics of it (I know it looks close, but my camera had a big zoom lens on it because I was planning field pictures of the horses)