Thursday 17 June 2021

In Which I'm a Barn Ghost

 A coworker and I were just (laughing? crying? commiserating?) about how work right now feels like one of those anxiety dreams where you're running and not getting anywhere. We're both doing everything we can, but the normally simple tasks prove impossible to complete in a timely fashion due to unending complications. I've gone from my wonderful part time 4 day a week work schedule to us being short staffed and me working not just full time, but 6 days a week. I not so patiently hope they hire someone soon, because this isn't how my summer is supposed to go, and I don't feel like looking for a new job.

I'm sure I've hinted my boarding situation also has some added complications to it these days. Nothing hugely dramatic, more just all the little things adding up and telling me it's probably not a great fit for me anymore. Good thing we've got a plan B in the works! :)

Lets be real though, my pony has more drama and side eye than the rest of the barn combined.

The trailer has thankfully solved a few of my woes. Currently the trailer is my tack room, and my horses live out, so I don't need to use the shared areas much at all.  I do all my chores and feed prep early in the mornings, then after work I quickly pop the horses on the trailer and tack up at the destination, saving getting too sidetracked at the barn when it's busier and totally eliminating the need to work around or wait for shared spaces like tack rooms or grooming ties. It also saves me about 20 min of hacking/walking each way if I trailer to the arena or trailhead.  So at least I'm still getting some regular riding in, while still getting home before bedtime. I'm so very grateful for the long hours of daylight right now.

Sophie also enjoying the long days and field time. Please excuse the slightly out of focus pics, my camera/lens is dissatisfied with the shady field + moving ponies and I'm not experienced enough to get a handle on it.

I know I must be really antisocial and avoiding the busy times well, because I saw another boarder the other night who wondered if I was looking to sell my ponies -  she didn't realize anyone even rides or does anything with my horses anymore, lol

"We are just here to mow the fields, nothing more."

B continues to feel a bit short strided at times, but the vet feels slow and steady exercise for her outweighs any minor lameness concerns and we are not at a point of needing to start with maintenance given her current workload. So, she's getting fitter and stronger week by week. Making the decision to not breed this year has made me refocus on keeping her moving. I've just been going day by day. If she says she feels fantastic and wants to go go go, I still try to err on the side of caution. The farrier was here this morning and felt like the weather has been messing a bit with her feet - wouldn't that be an easy thing, if she's just a little footsore right now but otherwise feeling pretty good?

She has this whole morning roll/yoga stretch routine I really need to document better.

Sophie showed her off new grown up mindset this morning, standing quietly and patiently for the farrier. Until said farrier put her last hoof down and was out of the way. Then Sophie let fire with her hind legs multiple times, before standing square again, waiting for us to admire her amazingness. 

"MY feet. They are MY feet. I wanted to do that all along, look how good I was being!" is how we both read it. Sophie, we love you, but still, please no.

Every morning when I open the gate to the bottom field. She does nothing at half speed, lol

"Anyway, how's your home barn reno coming along, T?"

Oh, so glad you asked! This turned into another long ponies only post, so tune in tomorrow for that ;)



  1. I am often surprised and,yet not surprised, at how people believe that because they don’t see a thing it’s not happening. 🙄 glad the ponies are doing well.

    1. I get super annoyed with the ones whose body language tells you they think you're lying because they didn't see whatever it is you're telling them for themselves. So silly :)

  2. Boarding is SO hard - I've been boarding solo-style at private facilities for the last several years and with Maizey being at a friends place keeping her guy company its a lot harder than I had expected, lol. Nothing major, but we both have different ways of "running" our barns and there can definitely be some frustrations on that end. I can't wait until I have everything set up and going - then I can bring Moo home and have all my ponies together AND do my own thing.

    1. That's a good part of my feelings too - I was boarding on my own, left to my own devices and now we have a 'barn manager' and a few new boarders all on a pretty small place. Everyone is nice, there's no real drama - I think I just preferred my own space and being able to do things on my schedule.

  3. Tell me more about this job opportunity ;)

    1. If only you could relocate to Canada. GIS/Data Analyst for gov't. Pay is ~40/hr, not nearly as good as private companies, but of course gov't has great job security and benefits and regular working hours. Perhaps there is something similar there? You'd be perfect.

    2. So I'm conducting information interviews with other bloggers whose jobs sort of align with my skillset. If you'd be willing to be interviewed drop me an email at lnwillia at gmail dot com and I'll set up a zoom. Absolutely no pressure tho!