Tuesday 24 March 2020

Gratitude (Blog Hop)

Liz is one of my very favorite bloggers, mostly because her blog is so positive and has so many beautiful pictures of her home and barn and the surrounding countryside and creatures living there.

So, I'm not surprised she's started a blog hop guaranteed to put a smile on everyone's face. She writes:

In an effort to introduce a bit of positivity and happiness amidst uncertain times, I thought I would share some of my gratitude items here in the hopes that our lovely little community of bloggers will echo back with some of their own. It's been awhile since a blog hop has gone around, but perhaps our little group can come up with a suite of them in the coming weeks to ease us through these unknown times?

I have so much to be grateful for at the moment.

In no particular order, I'm grateful that:

- I'm an introvert at heart. I have so many little hobbies and the past while I've been quite content to read a book on the couch, reno my future home office,  and start making the plans for my spring garden a reality.

Some signs of life in the garden

I got new rocks and have an Easter Island/stonehenge thing going on right now because it amuses me, lol

- My immediate circle is OK, and listening to the advice we're being given.

- My horses will be fine. Bridget thrives on benign neglect, Sophie is a little more high maintenance but a time out as a just coming 4 year old isn't a bad thing!

Sophie's mane and forelock are always doing interesting things

- Spring is here, and the weather is fantastic. I've been out in the yard gardening and the horses have spring grass starting to fill their turnouts as we speak.

- I am able to work from home and my work has committed to keeping full staffing until at least the end of the month. My husband isn't able to work remotely, but is still getting paid. I'm grateful that even if we were both to be laid off, we'd figure it out.

- We have a cat, and he is endlessly entertaining :)

Sunbeams on the floor are fascinating, he says

- There is so much online content. I can go to the gym virtually, I can have work meetings, I can audit riding clinics. Not to mention read blogs!

Stay safe, everyone!



  1. Oohh, I love the little stonehenge Easter Island thing you've got going on. I'm hoping I can grab top soil when I eventually make a trip to town for things in the next week or two. I'd love to get to gardening more during this time at home.

    1. We luckily had a bunch of soil and barn compost I'd kept from last fall. The rocks came from a drive up the logging road and were a fun find, someone dumped a huge pile of nice square mostly granite rocks. I'm hoping to get a soil delivery so I can really go nuts with the garden before the businesses shut down.

  2. I'm dying to get gardening too but realizing that it's non-essential, so I'm starting to give up on the idea. Now I see that you can buy plants online, but they're all ornamental, and not veggies, what I want to plant now. Why!?

    1. Everyone cleaned out our garden stores weeks ago and bought all the veggies and seeds - like they are planning to be survivalists this year or something. I luckily have some left over from last year. Fingers crossed I stored them well enough and they grow! I've kind of just accepted I won't be doing anything super exciting with it this year, it's all just going to be whatever I can scrounge up around our house or had put aside from last year.

  3. I love your post on this. There is so much to be thankful for right now.

  4. Great that you are both still working/getting paid. That is a relief for now. Love the garden stones - I'm not a big gardener - I do it to keep things tidy around the yard- but I'm hoping to have some extra time to get ahead of things outside! Still a bit too cool here yet, but soon-ish!

  5. great post. Stay safe!! I am glad the weather is good for you now (STARING AT SKY LOOKING FOR ANY SUN TENNESSEE? ANY?? UGH)