Thursday 26 March 2020

Changes I Might Keep

The last couple of weeks have been pretty crazy.

With health concerns, the travel restrictions, and only essential/emergency services available, obviously my little horsey plans are on hold for the foreseeable future while we pay attention to much more important things. It's got me thinking, though. While there are some things I'm definitely sad to postpone (breeding Bridget, riding clinics, buying a trailer) a lot of the other stuff I had on my goals or to do list suddenly feels like it was just that... 'stuff'. So unimportant now.

Social distancing should actually be something you can request from certain people all the time. Can I keep it?
(Creepy neighbour, I'm looking at you.)

Show and training plans for Sophie? Perfectly happy to leave that alone and save my money. We have all the time. Do I even want to try to fit a 'regular' lesson schedule and show season back into my life? Undecided, honestly. Right now I feel relief at having a bit of a reprieve on scheduling all that in and paying for it.

Plus, it kind of looks like she's growing again!

Riding clothes and show gear - shopping's not really my thing so it's a relief to not feel the need to buy anything special since I'm not planning on showing now in 2020. Which got me wondering why I even thought I had to, why I even care whether my jacket is up to date or my white breeches brand new looking.

 I've been bookmarking money for a newer truck as well, and I've happily put that on hold - I LIKE my little truck, even if it's starting to feel it's age and can't safely tow two horses in our terrain. Buying a new truck because 'it's time' as far as trade in values, etc? Meh, don't wanna, can borrow husband's truck for towing if I need to.

Like a lot of people, I'm trending back towards being more frugal and enjoying some pretty simple things - gardening, cooking at home, reading and hiking being the main ones I've been indulging in.

Working from home is AMAZING. I didn't realize how much of my time and paycheque is sucked up in the vortex of commuting, living part time, and working in another town. Despite all the craziness in the world, I actually feel a lot more grounded and less anxious than I was a month ago. In the future, I'm going to find a local job I enjoy. I was wrong in prioritizing income and career advancement.

Because being home for dinner with my husband and a lunch break gardening with Kitty is more valuable than a big paycheque

By necessity, I've simplified the horse care side of things too. Since I want to be at the barn for the minimum amount of time right now I just pop in around dinner time and give them their buckets and a quick grooming while they eat. Guess what? The barn owner is perfectly trustworthy to toss hay and fill waters. The world isn't ending if I only pick paddocks twice a week and the girls don't get eleventy billion supplements twice a day. While I enjoy all my barn time...yep, there was definitely room to make it simpler.

Ate only hay for breakfast, still has a shiny dappled coat growing in.

Are there any silver linings you've been finding? Any changes in outlook or lifestyle you've made (or have had to make!) that you might try to keep?



  1. I love everything about this! Go you.

  2. you are so positive!! love it.

    IF my husband was able to be home to work I would be much more positive i think. I already worked from home. So that is nothing new. Not trying to see Remus that much (going today!!) is okay but i can bring him home if need be! Otherwise same as you. I have ridden every week since November so taking an extended time off is okay. remus doesnt care if he is brushed or not. I dont care about shows or clinics at this point. i have a nice truck and want to start looking for a new trailer but my brain has to get more relaxed before looking the world has to get more stable too. I dont need any n ew clothes since i work from home. I need a haircut BUT aint happening now so am growing my hair out. NO ONE SEES ME so who cares (except for hubby!)

    Thanks for posting I needed to see this :)

    1. I wish my husband could work from home too (or do I really? lol) It's sad, I was on a work phone conference this morning and my coworkers were all "I MISS the office! I miss seeing you guys!" I was just silent, like "huh? That's weird?!".
      LOL, I'm just happy over here, working from home in my pyjamas:)

  3. Right now I wish I had a garden haha I mean I guess I have some succulents I put in the sand in our yard and told them to "live or die, I don't care" and I watch them from the window when I remember they exist lol

    1. We have a few succulents outside our front window, I love them, they are the best for just continuing to exist whenever I think to check them.

  4. In so many ways, slowing down has been the most wonderful thing. I'm so glad it's helping you recognize what is important. I'm right there with you with regard to minimizing my expenses for awhile. It's kind of a breath of fresh air to focus on the basics and not worry about all the superfluous things.

    1. It's really sad that it's taken a global pandemic for me to realize I'm happier with a slower, simpler life spent around my home, but silver linings, right? Fingers crossed the world will get back to normal soon so the pace of our life is a decision we can all make for ourselves, I know my husband is really struggling with not seeing his friends and family in person as much and being contained to our local area.

  5. Sounds like you are having some really good life clarification coming out of this weird time.

  6. Pingback. I never know if this is pushy or informative. I figure, I'd want to know.