Saturday 9 February 2019

Snow Day

*Don't hate me too much for being snows here maybe once a year and my PTSD from prairie winter life seems to have vanished. I used the remote start on my truck this morning for the first time in 3 years and it was kind of exciting, lol.

The sad part about coastal snow is it's all melty pretty much right away and it's too icy and slippery to ride the horses have had school cancelled :)

Snow day!

I still went to visit my giant Golden Retreiver and my visit did not disappoint. Sophie is good for a smile. It really is like having a big dog, because she's always so excited to see me and loves ear scratches like no other horse. That, and the nonstop attempts at face licking, which is actually kind of gross and not something I'd let my dog do so why I give her a pass sometimes, I don't know. We're probably the stuff of nightmares for the people who enforce sensible things like boundaries :D

To think anyone was ever worried about her being in a giant field. The problem is not catching her, its keeping her away!

"Go away, pest!":

Stirring up sh!t. Trying to get a cute picture of the barn owners horse sleeping, so of course S had to try to be in it. Short answer is no, he does not want to play with you right now, Sophie.
I always find it a bit amusing that after I give in and take her into the barn and groom her, when put her back out, 99 times out of a hundred she tries to follow me back into the barn. This pony can never have enough attention, it seems.

Some days I wonder if she knows this barn is temporary and I'm going to take her home to Bridget eventually. There's certainly that whole dropped my reluctant kid off at preschool energy going on.


Finally, my attempts to take pictures of the other horses:

This isn't working for me, Sophie.

I tried really hard to get a cute picture of the barn owner's horse. When I got home it became apparent my picture isn't quite right, lol. Unless you're into balancing tiny Arabian mares on your sleeping gelding? Then I guess it's kind of cool :D



  1. What a furry banana! She looks like she's enjoying the snow.

  2. She is too cute! And that last photo made me giggle a lot.