Wednesday 13 February 2019

Need a New Blanket? Good Sale

ETA: I was strongly considering ordering a second Horseware blanket, but they've gone back to "only" 20% off this afternoon. It looks like the Weatherbeeta ones are still 50% though. Sorry if I got you excited and the one you wanted isn't available anymore!

It's that time of year...Bridget's cheap winter rainsheet is filthy and starting to get leaky.

I just upgraded her to a new Amigo Bravo turnout from here, and thought I'd share because they have some killer deals right now. ($83 CAD to my door for the one I chose, reg price on Canadian websites anywhere from $170 - $200 CAD)

The majority of the nicer blankets are 50% off and the Horseware ones ship free with a coupon code. I've bought from this store before and can recommend them.

Link to turnout blanket page.

Oh..and if you're looking for a new saddle, there are quite a few, including new Stubbens, at 50% off. I'm tempted - the one I had previously for Bridget was my favorite ever (until she fell on it and twisted the tree, rendering it unusable)


  1. I just looked at their sale before I came here. Tempting, but I ordered my saddle flaps today, so I should really be responsible and not get more blankets. If the Horseware had been 50% off it might have been another story!

    1. It was weird - the Horsewares were all on sale @50% off this morning, then I went back 2 hours later and gone. So sad for me, but good for my bank account I guess :)

  2. I love my horseware Bravos. They last forever and are perfect for that weather such as here (almost 60 today then low 40s tomorrow etc etc rain/snow/sun/wind you name it)! Glad you found something that works!!