Tuesday 10 April 2018

Trail Walking

Bridget only got out 3 times last week, mostly because I just wasn't that into it and we both need a break. So, as promised, we skipped anything structured and just did a lot of slow trail miles this week. She's barefoot and our local trails can be quite rocky, so slow and steady is where it's at. I contemplated front shoes with the farrier last weekend, but with our narrow, windy, steep trails you really wouldn't want to go much faster that often anyway and her feet are pretty tough as is. 

Media today brought to you by Sovie.

Thanks for all the supportive comments regarding our recent struggles in training and my subsequent decision to take a time out and think on things. Bloggers are truly the best! I know it's the best thing for B and our partnership to take this time out, but of course I'm always wanting to be better and learn more. If it works for EC, we might reinstate my Monday night lessons on her lovely mare Audrey, just to curb my feelings of not meeting my riding goals.

Sovie was a very good girl this past week too. As mentioned, she's feeling a bit more confident and so she's getting comfortable testing the waters and providing us with little bits of baby drama. I think I've mentioned my coach's mare Audrey more than once here (I LOVE her, and take lessons on her when I can - but her nickname is 'Squirrel' because..yeah, she's wonderful and brave, but the attention span is lacking and the thinking/reacting happens very quickly). EC liked Sovie upon meeting her, because "she's a mini Audrey!". The more I see of her, yes, yes she really is. Good thing I love Audrey, because I think I'm going to have my hands full with this one!

Sovie and I walked the trails too, but obviously I did not ride. (No squished baby ponies please!) She was super brave and happy to be out. She already marches up and down very steep hills like NBD, and marches into the lake and through puddles without issue. She's pretty good with traffic. She was very unsure of all of that a couple of weeks ago, so I think she's going to be a pretty smart cookie. Motorbikes, dogs, and things appearing behind us are something to work on, but all in all she's a fantastic baby. She tries very hard, she loves her people, and really wants to get along and do the right thing.

In other news bits, I stopped in at EC's last night and said hi to Ginger. She looks fabulous and just got back from an eventing clinic where she was apparently a superstar. She's had a younger girl half leasing her for a few months now and they're super cute together and obviously like each other a lot! Her usual lease teen still has a half lease on her too, so lucky Ginger has two best friends that she approves of. That makes me so happy.

I also have a lead on a potential dressage saddle for B. Fingers crossed it works...I'm feeling pretty burnt out on the whole finding appropriate tack for Bridget thing and it would be nice if the new one works...otherwise I will be up to 4 saddles to sell and I'm just not feeling being a virtual tack store owner :)



  1. These miles you are putting on her are really going to pay off.

  2. glad she is settling in (Sovie) and Glad you are getting Bridget out and also glad Ginger is doing well. Sovie's expression is the cutest in all photos. Good luck with saddle!!

  3. good luck with the saddle! and i like the idea of getting a few extra positive rides in on Audrey just to get that boost. horses can be such a roller coaster sometimes!

    1. oooh meant to say that i also love the new blog design!