Friday 27 April 2018

Friday Musings

Spring finally came just last weekend, then summer arrived 3 days later. It's been around 25 degrees celsius the past 3 days, which is pretty much summer temperatures for us! Neither Bridget nor Sophie are completely shed out of their winter coats, and B looked a bit miserable just standing around,  so I opted to just turn them out in their summer fields last night rather than attempt any work.

I'm still feeling a bit unmotivated myself, although watching the dressage at RolexNotRolex via livestream has me really missing dressage! Still, dressage on an upset B is a lot different than dressage in it's best form and so I remain over here pondering next steps :)
"Please come here and brush me. I'm too furry!"

We're going to head out for a short ride trail ride tonight and G has promised to lead Sophie along with, so that will be fun.

Tomorrow I think I'm going to go to drill team and the gymkhana fun day after in an attempt to keep things interesting for Bridget and to keep her active. I do need to keep her somewhat fit, as I have no desire to go back to the days of lazy "tired" Bridget. I'm just over here saving the world from another ponyapocolypse one ride at a time :)

As every rider knows, when in doubt, switch up your bit...(lol) so I just ordered a french link baucher to try on her. You'll recall I borrowed a similar bit a year or so ago and found her a bit heavy and pulling in it, but right now, a desire to lean and pull a bit forward might not be such a bad thing? IDK, worth a try :)  She's always been tough, but I'm finding it hard to get motivated to work through the same basic problem yet again (forward without getting angry/braced about it)...particularly when I've always had horses that were pretty honest and simple about such things, so it's hard sometimes not to feel like the grass is greener elsewhere.
"I have not eaten dinner yet, I swear!"

I'm going to schedule them both for a vet day soon-ish. I'm back to the land of paying a fortune for the travelling vet to visit us once a month, so I thought it might be wise to wait to get B checked over at the same time I get Sophie's wolf teeth out (so she can start wearing a bridle and long reining...exciting!)

"Scratch a little to the left, thanks"

For the first time ever, I'm tempted to lease B to a kid that just wants a safe all around lower level pony club pony. She'd be perfect for that..and I think happier. She's super with the kids because they don't ask much of her and she's got a pretty solid understanding of her job. Option two is to keep on keeping on doing all the fun things with her and not really focusing too much on anything in the arena for a bit...but I try to be honest on here, and I have to say I'm bored. Bored with a diet of mostly trails, bored to be recapping the same things again and again, and frustrated to not be advancing.

Anyway, this might not have ended up sounding like a "Yay! Happy Friday!" kind of post, like the title might imply. A bit misleading, because I'm actually feeling pretty happy and positive about many opportunities in the future, I do have lots of choices I can make, I have a great resource in my coach EC as far as achieving my long term riding goals,  and also I have the lovely Sophie to have fun with in a couple of years. Not to mention, B is a fantastic pony herself and no matter what decisions I make, she doesn't need to be sold and I don't need to stop riding her completely - she's always got a home here or at EC's.



  1. Leasing B kind of sounds like a great idea and its wonderful that you have that option!

  2. I’ll be interested to hear how the bit works. Leasing does seem like a good idea

  3. They're too hairy for 25C, yikes. We had a week of 25 and I hated every day of it. Now it's a lovely 12C and I feel like I can function outdoors again. And Mag has already shed so he's needing a blanket again. Curious what color Sovie will be when she sheds.

  4. we are supposed to be 86 F later this week and its 40 outside right now. UGH. I bet Sophie has ten shades of palomino under that fur :) Bridget oh Bridget (Still pretty darn cute). I use a French Link Baucher and Remus can get heavy on it but what I do is interchange between that and his loose ring french link snaffle so he never knows what he it seems to keep him from getting too heavy. IF he does, I swap it out. keep them guessing :) HA! I am glad your weather has improved though and hope you had a nice trail ride ;)

  5. Aw, I can definitely see lots of happy in this post! I love that you see how many choices you have ahead of you and see them as exciting. I think it'll be a really good year. =) A lease or a half-lease would be great options and would offset finances to give you some leeway to play in other ways, I bet!

  6. Our weather recently turned back to cold and rainy (haha ok delayed winter?) Leasing B out sounds like a decent idea!