Sunday 9 April 2017

The wheels are spinning

I've got some decisions I'm worrying  over right now.

Most life altering: the management and direction at my job has changed. It stinks, morale is low. I've been approached regarding a job with a different organization, with management I know and like, a raise, and a flexible work schedule. The catch? It's on Vancouver Island. There are great barns and good coaches there, and the area is gorgeous. But EC is irreplacable. Its also slightly further away from home, and the ferry I'd need to take crosses open water and is therefore subject to cancellation any time the weather us iffy.

Saddle saga: The xw stubben we're trying seems to be built on a completely different tree than the wide I'm replacing. It puts me in a weird place and rocks a bit on Bridget. Do not like. So far, nowhere in existence can I find a used jumping saddle wide enough for B and at a scale that even remotely fits a 5'2 rider, for under $1500. I've been looking since January. I'm considering cancelling our upcoming clinic and maybe the following event in order to add to my budget. $2500-3k starts to get into the realm of potentially being able to order something midgrade and custom, or higher end and used with some of the specs we need and a budget for further alterations/adjustments.

I'd like a new vehicle. My truck is awesome but the commute to work and barn costs me over $300 a month in gas.  I'm not a cute car girl, and hate borrowing money but...for $300/mo maybe I'll sell my soul ;) This is something to worry about after I decide if I'm moving...the logistics would likely be different if I did.

Venturing out on a windy and grey day.

So, with all this spinning in my head, I ventured out into the awful storm yesterday and Bridget and I went for a nice hack. When she offered up a gallop at our favorite spot, I accepted, and with every step I could feel my worries being left behind. I'm forever grateful B is such a fantastic trail horse. It's fun to go out as a group and go for a gallop, it's another thing entirely to be able to venture out alone and tuned into only each other no matter the crazy weather, nor where or how fast we're going. Definitely a privilege :)



  1. <3 that feeling :)

    Good luck with all the rest. Big decisions indeed.

  2. I know how tough those can be especially if you feel like either option has big negatives. I do LOVE Vancouver Island but can imagine that the ferry ride would be tough on a regular basis. Actually one of my favorite horse books (Another Kind of Cowboy) take place on Vancouver Island. If you haven't read it you should, really cool and slightly different dressage related horse book.

  3. Love the soul-freeing feeling of a good gallop. I hope you figure out everything soon!

  4. A saddle I'd recommend looking for (used) would be a Prestige X-Meredith. It fits Gavin's wide back, but is also relatively short (for those short cobby backs). It's also designed for a short rider (this is an assumption I'm making about you based on your Cob preference). I bought one of these saddles new a little over a year ago and I LOVE it.

    Good luck on all of your decision making. :)

  5. Lots of things to think about. Thank heavens for the magic of B.

  6. There is a 17" Duett on one of the FB groups (English Horse Tack for Sale in Alberta). It's only a wide but it looks like an XW in the photos. I thought of you when I saw it.

  7. Sometimes big décisions really stink :(
    I am glad B helped you with some of your troubles!

  8. Sounds like a good ride, I'm sorry you have to deal with all the other stuff though. Good luck on your decisions, esp about the job. I hope it all shakes out well whatever option you go with.

  9. Hmm that is a lot of stuff to consider

  10. Oh man. Lots of things on my mind too. Good luck!