Friday 7 April 2017

Boot Camp Week 3

One more week of enforced fitness discipline in the books! We were very busy this week with the show and all the associated prep amd logistics, plus there was a vaulting event and a saddle to try and one more trainer ride on the schedule. Next week I hope to return to a more normal schedule.

Friday: Jump school

Saturday: Trailer 2.5 hrs to weekend show venue. Dressage lesson in the evening. More relaxed than at home, but still a good workout, 15+ min of canter, and an equal amount spent in trot. About 30min walking hack around the grounds. It was hot out, and pony was very sweaty!

Sunday: Show day! 20 min warmup followed by dressage test equivalent to Training 1, then a quick tack change, a 10 min jump warmup, followed by 2 rounds at 2'3". Pony got more excitable as the day went on, but was definitely tired feeling when I pulled her up after round two. Trailered home that evening.

My photoshopping gets worse and worse :)
Monday: Day off.
Tuesday: Vaulting. All the cantering with tiny children. Report was her energy  is much improved from even two weeks ago!

Wednesday: Jump lesson. Multiple rounds focusing on a forward, energetic pace, hind end powering us. Pony was VERY tired feeling, but game to try and didn't quit mentally once during the hour. That's a big win.

Thursday: Trainer ride. Dressage. Pony must stay round and straight thru all the transitions and carry herself. More of an exercise in strength than cardio this time.

Friday: Trying new saddle. Planning some light flatwork, a few jumps, and a short hack, just to get a good feel. Fitter comes Sunday. Fingers crossed!

Upcoming weekend: Planning a good hack on the "medium (1.5hr) loop" since we missed ours this week, probably incorporate some hillwork too. The weather report is super sketchy with wind and rain warnings, so we'll see. She can have Sunday off except for the saddle fitting appointment, and then we'll return to our normal fitness schedule next week.



  1. I seriously lol'd at that picture. Also I continue to be so jealous of your availability of trails. I really need to try to do something about that :)

    1. It can be a bit of work getting them confident out there, but even spooky Ginger mare loves getting outside the arena and is better at shows as a result. I liked your idea of using the driveway to start - when I first started with Ginger I would just take her on walks:)

  2. Au contraire! That Photoshopping is freaking amazing.

    "Well here`s something you won`t like, Private Snowball!""

  3. Yeh, I'm thinking the photoshop efforts are just getting better. I love it.

  4. Love your expert photoshopping!

    I have to mention something geeky to you....

    I told my husband today about a Star Trek convention at the WA State Convention Center, where pre-Sir Patrick Stewart was guest. During the Q&A he called on a little girl and asked her where she was from. She said, "I'm from British Columbia."

    I was jealous of that little girl, that my home, Seattle, didn't have as classy a name. Now that I think about it again, that little girl probably wished she grew up in Vancouver and could claim that as her home. Cuz Vancouver is awesome.

    But still, I think Patrick Stewart himself thought, "How classy." And I know the beautiful entry to the country there. Sadly, my husband knows the complicated, messy side, for those who don't have Canadian or American passports! Do you know, Patrick Stewart went on to explain how difficult it was to enter Canada there? I comforted my man later with that tale. We were both detained by both sides. I found it hilarious, but I know Patrick Stewart, and my future husband, were not amused.

    But beautiful it is.

    Lynn Canyon was one of the first places I showed my husband when I met him. Later we started falling in love in Vancouver. The memories are too precious to even type, but there was a street that hard his last name. Now my name.

  5. I'm pretty sure I've already said this but I need you as my personal trainer!