Thursday 13 April 2017

Fitness Week 4, and So Busy!

I've been following everyone's adventures and meaning to respond to comments, but this week has just been insane as far as allowing me any down time. I appreciate the support, stories, and saddle suggestions immensely, thank you! This week I took a couple of extra barn shifts to allow for future absences, and my real job has been crazy too. I also haven't seen G in a month, so am escaping for the upcoming weekend for a trip home. with all that being said, Bridget still got boot camp!

I'm not a total meanie, she does get to stop for a treat before we head home

Friday: Jump school. She was forward and fun, and our rematch with the corner posed no issues.

Actual corner. Not tall, but wider and more open than B has seen before

Saturday: Spooky, amped up pony. I gave up on dressage and hit the trails for a fitness ride. 30 min high intensity with lots of hillwork, all in either trot or canter, remaining half downhill and at a collected walk..

Sunday: Saddle fitting to destroy the soul. We must have tried 10 saddles, none worked. Potential that a County Sensation in a wide tree could work for us, bu sadly that's not in the budget quite yet. Also, discovered the tree on the Stubben I had for sale is mysteriously twisted. The only culprit I can think of was our random misadventure this winter when B tried rearing for the first (and only) time and lost her footing and fell. If that's the case, and the saddle took that much of an impact, then I guess I just need to be grateful I wasn't hurt more than I was. Still, sucking up that loss adds another dent in my current budget. Fitness wise, B had a pretty light day, walking and trotting and standing as a saddle model.
Fresh grass, so tempting when you're on a diet

Monday: Dressage lesson. A tough one, both B and I got schooled. Lots of lateral work in trot and canter, minimal walking. 60min. While some good things happened, it was one of those rides where the rewards seemed small given the vast amount of effort put in.

Tuesday: Vaulting. Canter in side reins while tiny kids jump about.

Wednesday: My ride on Q took a lot longer with many more detours than previously planned for. Baby horses need to learn not to rush home, even when the weather is windy and scary. So, B got a day off.

Q looking all sweet and innocent ;)
Thursday. Trainer ride. Dressage. Again, all the canter transitions, plus introducing half pass in trot.

Friday: Q's owner and my favorite barn rat is going to jump school B. Also, farrier appt.

Weekend: B gets one of the days off while I'm away, the other will be a 1 hour hack.

Looking forward: Lessons Monday and Wednesday, leaving for eventing camp Thursday. XC clinics Fri, Sat, Sun in the interior of the province.



  1. I totally get being busy and it being hard to comment/respond. Don't worry about it.

  2. I'm loving reading these fitness updates--super motivating. Are you noticing any change in her?

    1. She's more motivated for sure. I'm not sure I'd can quantitatively say she's fitter (she had a pretty legit schedule before this too), but the consistency and added focus on faster work is helping her work ethic, which is a huge win.

  3. Replies
    1. I love how creative the kids are - they 'design' the week's course every Friday (but EC usually adapts it a bit for lessons/safety;) and this was the corner they built!

  4. Oh geez, sorry to hear about the saddle. Sounds like you are good busy (I consider horse busy to be good busy). :)

    1. It's 'meh' busy. Much as I love the barn, I'm feeling really burnt out, to be honest :)