Saturday 31 December 2016

Wishes For 2017

I'm my own worst critic,  so I'm finding the goals thing isn't really working for me. Instead, here's a list of the things it would be super amazing to do in 2017. But no pressure, T ;)

Amazing: Good scores at First Level.
Super Amazing: Second Level.

Amazing: Finish an event on our dressage score.
Super Amazing: As above, but at Entry (Novice) level

Amazing: Clear, fast rounds at 2'9"
Super Amazing: Comfortable at 3'

Amazing: Spring Eventing Camp
Super Amazing: Ride at both spring eventing camps. And ride well ;)

Amazing: Breed Ginger
Super Amazing: To Cardi. And they make a perfect bay filly.

Amazing: Control the show nerves
Super Amazing: Make the show nerves work for me

Amazing: Get my beginner coaching certifications
Super Amazing: And use them often.

Amazing: More dressage clinics
Super amazing: Arrange with work so I can have time off and sign up for the once a month clinic offered.

Amazing: Better life balance
Super Amazing: G moves here or I find great job there. Or we win the lottery so we don't have to work. Whichever.

Amazing: Better horse and rider fitness.
Super amazing: Literally if we beat anyone in any kind of a race. Disney would have make a movie.

And finally, the most important wish of all: healthy, happy humans and horses!



  1. It looks like you're going to have an amazingly super year

  2. I like your take on goals : D

  3. Ha I love this!!! Here's wishing you a super amazing 2017!!!

  4. Loving the way you think!! Happy New Year!

  5. I LOVE this, what a good way to list out your goals :)

  6. I like how you worded it as "wishes" vs "goals".
    As equestrians, we know that things go sideways at the best of times!

  7. I hope all your wishes come true :)