Wednesday 7 December 2016

Mini Break/Quick Check In

I feel like I'm quite good at juggling all the things. Of course Bridget is super high on the list, but there are still weeks where life gets in the way. This has been one of those weeks. This past Fri-Sun I as up the coast visiting home. One of these days I'll buy a trailer and take Bridget along, but even then I'd have to budget carefully and make it a special occasion - ferry rates for a truck and trailer are about $200! For now, Bridget gets to spend every second weekend under the care of  "Aunty C". She loves that because C takes her trail riding in addition to letting her jump all the things that scare me. Win/win for everyone because C is Q-mare's owner and I ride Q on Wednesdays for her.

Anyway, Monday morning came bringing snow. Snow = local apocalypse around here, so the roads were awful and I missed both work and my lesson Monday just trying to travel back from my mini break at home. Good times.

Tuesdays I feed in the mornings, and Bridget gets used for vaulting class in the evenings, so again no riding.

Today is the day I finally ride again. It seems absolutely crazy that it's been nearly a week. I'm so lucky that my barn is so great and Bridget gets regular exercise regardless of what life throws my way. I still have some longer term plans that involve moving home, so I am enjoying all the resources on offer here fully!

I haven't posted a Ginger update in a while. She's doing really well. The teenager who leases her does super well with her and they're aiming for Training next season. My big mare is pretty athletic for her type and a really fun ride. I share lessons with them often, and they're amazing together! I do still ride Ginger once in a while, but still have no desire to make it a more frequent thing. We have a lot of fun on the trails, but as far as arena work goes I prefer Bridget.

Ginger has grown up a lot in the past year. She's generally more accepting and if something offends her her brain returns to the building a lot sooner - who knew she'd be 8 before her grown up brain would appear! :) In other Ginger news, breeding late next spring is still on the table. Crossing my fingers.

Bridget's virtual adventure is still happening - I'm keeping track of miles, I just haven't had time to update the site. The goal is to track a full year, and we're nearly there. I'm hoping to make it to Mexico!

On a final note, it's show planning season. Even though we're in a bit of a rut training wise, I'm getting quite excited for spring shows and setting goals for the new year.



  1. Show planing season.... Already. Hard to imagine where we will be next show season. I shall live vicariously through you next season lol

  2. Sounds like you guys are having fun and I can't wait to hear the update from the Bridget adventures!