Sunday 4 September 2016

How's Ginger Doing?

I guess it's been awhile since we've talked all things Ginger!

The answer to the title question is that she's doing wonderfully. To summarize where we're at...I technically still own the big mare ( I know, this is crazy, but I'm good with it for reasons I'll explain) and she lives at the same barn as Bridget. She's on full lease and as far as I still know the plan is to buy her eventually. This is part of the reason I don't post a lot of pictures or updates on Ms feels weird to recap other people's rides and accomplishments on my sold/not sold horse :)

This spring and summer she's been out eventing and doing quite well at the lower levels, as well as attending all things pony club. I believe the plan for 2017 is for her and her main rider to do a couple of training level events, along with all the local shows, clinics,  and pony club rallies! She's still the same Ginger we all know..impatient, opinionated, full of drama, and super sweet. She seems quite happy in her current circumstances and who am I to argue with Ginger, Queen of All Things?

See? I even took a proof of life picture yesterday :)

There are two girls who get along with her quite well and both seem very happy to have the ride. I've only ridden her a couple of times in the last month or so and she still feels familiar and good, but I'm preferring my little Bridget mare - believe it or not B mare is softer and more forward!

When I call for her, she still comes running. When I call for Bridget, they both come running. It's adorable :) Ginger is still very much of the opinion that I am her person, and I'm good with that and very happy she's still here.

More reasons Ginger gets no pictures...she's always this close!


  1. Yay, so glad to hear she is doing so well & that the current situation is working out so well for all involved. One of my favourite sayings is "if it ain't broke - don't fix it"
    It sure sounds like everything is working out well for all of you 😆

  2. I was wondering. I think that I came across your blog around the time she was being leased. So I was confused as to the blog named after Ginger but about Bridget. :)

  3. Sounds like the best outcome thus far for Ms. Mare!

  4. Aw this makes me happy :) Ginger is lucky to have you watching her back!

  5. I'm happy to hear Ginger is doing well and you're keeping an eye on her :)