Monday 20 July 2015

ZBH Blog Hop Everyday Fail

I saw Nicole's post and knew that I absolutely had to join this blog hop. But how? I have so much fail it's impossible to pick just one, or even a theme of failure. I also fail at decision making.

Yesterday, Bridget opted to help me out by failing spectacularly in front of an audience.

Last night, I attempted to turn her around in the (wide) aisleway of the barn. There was a bucket of apples near the tack room door. Mid turn, she saw the apples and thought about maybe stealing one. Except then I think she forgot to turn/move her feet on the concrete and just slowly fell down on her side. Of course, being Midge, she was completely unworried by that and was more interested in sorting her legs out so she could get up with her head still near the apples, than the actual issue of, you know, laying in the middle of the barn aisle.

Of course she eventually carefully righted herself and was fine and totally unconcerned. I can only wonder what my new barnmates must think, particularly as I later gave her an apple out of sympathy, which she then proceeded to eat in her favorite way - sucking on it like a giant jawbreaker, rather than just biting into it. I maybe think she's paranoid of letting pieces drop out of her mouth and losing them? Whatever the case, it's a process in fail for her to eat an apple. For a smart pony, she's exceptionally ridiculous sometimes.
Self explanatory. Imagine 5 minutes or so of this face before she's finally juiced it enough to eat


  1. Hahahahah!!! Oh Bridget, hilarious pony :)

  2. LOL my Paloma does this too. She refuses to spit it out so I can stomp it and break it up, she would much rather struggles with her self juicer than accept help. So cute.

  3. OMG Bridget!!!! haha can't deny that she knows what her priorities are lo

  4. Oh my goodness! HAHA. That photo of Bridget is hilarious!