Tuesday 7 July 2015


Thanks for the positive thoughts re: our crazy fire season this year. Our local one is still growing, but the winds are currently in our favour and driving it away from homes :)

With the advantageous winds blowing most of the soot and smoke away from our area, I got out for a ride last night. I'm noticing we're really going through a wobbly, wiggly kind of stage. Last week, I attributed it to New Barn Syndrome (so much to look at!), but I'm starting to feel it's a little bit of a thing lately in general. Our forward button seems a little intermittent/slightly broken, and my outside aids are largely being ignored in favour of attempting to look outside the area. She's also been a bit rude and impatient on the ground and acting a little herdbound.

Of course you can never really know what's going on in those pony minds, but I'm fairly certain this is just Bridget attempting world domination. We've been here before and I'm sure we'll be here again in the future. She's still trying to figure out her place in the new herd and currently she sits at the bottom. That makes it extra special important to her to be the boss of SOMEONE. She's got bite marks all over her showing her recent snarky mare efforts aren't productive as far as her herdmates go. I'm sure her little mind is thinking "why not try that person who shares her food with me?".

"Talk to the hoof, human"

So, we're back to being super fussy about ground manners, and really being on top of the "forward NOW", "turn NOW', "Whoa means whoa" basics. It doesn't feel pretty, and I'm hoping my barnmates aren't horrified by the frequent reminders needed with my stick,  but on the plus side EC seems to keep half an eye on us even outside lessons and will call out the odd random tip or encouragement. I miss our old peaceful and quiet ring, but have to admit the input is very helpful and that this seems like a good path to getting a better trained Bridget.

We need to teach B what that hose is for. She's never had a bath before!
Since EC and barnmates are away at another horse trails this week/coming weekend, our next lesson isn't until Monday. That leaves lots of time for me to squash the hostile takeover Ms B is planning, although I may mix arena rides with being non confrontational and heading out for a trail ride or two in an attempt to get her on side again!


  1. I have definitely had New Barn Syndrome before :) I'm sure she'll be all settled in soon. It sounds like a good fit so far.

  2. After my little, uhhh, mishap this weekend I am determined to remind Murray once and FOR ALL who is the boss on the ground and under saddle. We will do things he wants, but first we will do things I want. And we will do everything when I want it. No more walking in front of me or smashing into me with his body -- ground manners boot camp for both of us!!

  3. I've had to deal with exactly the same thing from Katai anytime she moves. I agree about the world domination bit haha.

  4. sounds frustrating - but also like you have a pretty good read on the situation. i'm sure she'll fall back into the routine as soon as she realizes your expectations of her remain the same, even when everything else is different

  5. Funny how you would assume that rides/training will be progressive in a linear way but it never goes that well lol. Always ebb and flow. One great ride, one OK ride, one great, one terrible and so on. It is frustrating.
    I had the 'meh' type ride yesterday after a good one Sunday. I had to analyze the whole ride and convince myself that there would good parts.

  6. Bridget- Queen of the World! These mares :)