Friday 3 July 2015


I've been off and on with the goal posts this year. I'll save you the recap of the previous goals - mostly, I've met them, but things have changed a lot since my last goal setting post so I think it's time to start fresh and keep it simple.

Horse Related Goals/To Do List:

- Ride a minimum of 4 times a week. Use my time wisely and plan for some 'homework' days - new coach likes to assign things to work on and goals between lessons.

- Lesson once a week. Make room in the budget, make it a priority.

-Take full advantage of the riding/showing/training opportunities offered at the new barn. Don't say no to anything, or feel bad about making my riding goals more of a priority than they have been. The people that matter are 100% supportive of them (Thanks especially to you, Mr G :)!

-This one stinks, but I do need to sell the big mare or find a good long term lease home for her. Board prices keep rising, my time is becoming ever limited, I still have anxiety riding pretty much anything but Bridget, and I know Ginny would be miserable if I moved her with Bridget to my current barn. I haven't found anything else suitable in the area, so I'm stuck visiting her every second weekend. Things may change in the future where I regret this decision even more, but sometimes you just need to live in the present and do what you've got to do to sleep well at night. I will post links to her ad when I finally stop procrastinating about creating one :)


-Watch what I eat/exercise. As always! I've been super tired and burnt out lately, in general just need to look after myself better. Need to plan out meals better.

-As I mentioned in my previous post, I need to suck it up. This coach has taught some big name riders and trained some horses to a very high level. Listen to her input whether it's things I want to hear/change/a direction I want to go or not. Essentially, trust the program.

-Budget my time better. Working full time in the week, travelling on the weekends, riding multiple days a week, trying to fit in a walk/run daily, and working at the barn some mornings means I'm up at 6:30 most mornings and don't get home until 7:30. I feel guilty for being too busy for some of the things I used to have time for - need to let go of that, but still work to fit small pieces of them back into my life.

-As always, don't be too hard on myself. Don't feel bad about saying no and setting boundaries. (Except as related to the goals above, of course...then I had better feel very, very guilty lol!)

-And finally, keep on having fun. I hope it goes without saying just how much I enjoy, love, and appreciate my ponies and the people in my life. If not, you heard it here first.



  1. I'm very excited to read about your adventures at the new barn! I am still waffling about selling Henry, so I feel your pain.

    What do you think Gmare would do in full training at your new barn with the trainer? That's what I've been thinking about my guy, get him in full training and see what's there and then decide what to do. But currently my bank account says NO. :P

  2. This sounds so much like where I am, minus having a tough decision about selling a horse. It's tough to be so busy but I love having my horse be the reason I'm so busy

  3. great goals all around - tho i'm sorry you've been faced with the decision of selling Ginger. good luck finding the right home for her!!