Friday 10 April 2015


Here in the middle of nowhere, our little equestrian world has three types of people:

1. The people who have their horses as pets and rarely ride
2. The people that trail ride
3. The people that show

That's probably a somewhat normal breakdown of horse lovers, except I find it odd that numbers 2 and 3 rarely cross paths here, I'd also venture to say group 2 has a bit to say about group 3's decisions which doesn't help narrow the gap. Horse people + small town = about a million judgements. I can think of maybe a handful of people who train and show their horses but also aren't adverse to a trail ride now and then. The area I board in is full of trail riders, and Bridget and I have lately been facing the first world problem of having to tell people we aren't into a ride with them because we are going to the ring to practice instead. We're turning to the dark side lol. With spring well and truly here, I'm wanting to scale back the trail rides to twice a week or so, and increase the schooling sessions to maybe 3 times. Of course we have a nice 20 min each way hack to the ring so Midge still gets her time checking out the neighbourhood on the buckle!

Anyway, no exciting news to report, so far this week we've done 2 rides a the ring and one big trail ride. Of course we also have lessons ahead on the weekend! We're also 2 weeks out from our clinic we signed up for, and a month out from my tentative first show date.  Midge has been forward and happy, but we're still struggling with the giraffe impressions at the canter. Pretty sure that's just a strength issue and will come with time, just as it did in the trot. I'll leave you with a few pics of yesterday's ride:
Looking fancy!

Our little jump set up - I wanted to get her cantering out and thought we might have more space (and a helpful corner) if we set up on the diagonals.
Looking so pretty in the trot these days


This is our typical canter right now :)

 Finally, G did't get any little jump shots but he did accidently shoot a 3 second video instead. It's kinda cute lol:



  1. Wheeee love Bridget & can't wait to hear all about your lessons. I learn so much from them through you, so thanks ☺
    The canter will come - remember when she couldn't canter at all? Baby steps and the giraffe'ing will also metamorphose into awesome Midge. This too shall pass

    1. I have so much faith in this little pony - I do think she is something quite special :)
      Lesson coming up on Tuesday, and of course I will post the world's wordiest recap lol

  2. awww i love the gif and photos! she looks so happy in her work too!i know what you mean about the trail group vs. the show group, as my farm has traditionally been more trailer riders with a few show riders starting to arrive. i tend to agree tho that balance is really the key - trail rides help keep things fresh and break up the monotony, but i also love working towards an end goal in the arena

    1. It's funny how people around here choose 'sides'. Agreed, variety is a good thing, as is good training and happy horses, regardless of your end goal :)