Thursday 15 January 2015

Oh Hi!

I've been quite busy with work this week, so today was my first visit out to the barn since Monday. The weather was too awful and I was too tired to do much beyond saying hi and cleaning both the girls up a bit. To be honest I thought I might ride, but they're so exceptionally filthy and damp today I just didn't have the motivation. You know what makes me really happy, though? The fact that both my horses are super easy to catch right now. Here's Ginger demonstrating:

Step 1: Make yourself visible. Stay in the barn out of the rain if possible

Step 2: Say hi to Ginger so she knows you're definitely interested in a visit

Step 3: Wait
Step 4: Wait some more

Step 5: More waiting

Step 6: Success! Give pony a scratch or treat. Halter optional, she'll follow you into the barn from here.
Hard to believe she was so difficult to catch once upon a time. Wish I had some magical training super powers to share, but really I think it's just been a matter of getting to know each other.She's a very sociable girl at heart. It's interesting that I was told Bridget can also be difficult to catch, but so far she's been the opposite  and thinks humans are much better company than horses. I think that's because she took her lead from Ginger and now it can be a bit of a race between the two of them to see who says hi first. (And yes, sometimes that backfires and I'm being charged by a stampede involving the entire herd - thank goodness they're all respectful of my space and each other) 

I'm hoping to get the ponies out for some riding over the weekend, We've got some farrier appointments too. Ginger has super radar for those and will be impossible to catch on the day, so no fear, I'll be traversing the entire pasture and making up for all the easy days soon enough!


  1. Yay ponies, mine do this too when on summer turnout. Winter turnout i can sometimes have to trek in the dark to find them, but usually i am faffing refilling haynets and water so they come to me. When they do they get a treat - I'm all for bribery & positive reinforcement ;-)
    When in Ireland Kika was a nightmare to catch as i used to only ride at the weekend when in uni, so when she'd see me coming she'd wander around the herd avoiding me. To counteract this i used to talk to the others and eventually she'd be too curious and come up to me lolz ah Keeks - noseyness gets the best of everyone ☺

  2. You are too lucky. I usually sop out in the muddy or snowy mess and pony THEN decides to realize, "Oh you wanted me! Ok. I'll walk two steps for you, Im so nice, now what's in those pockets!"

  3. It's the best when you don't have to walk through the mud to get them :)

  4. aw that series of photos is so sweet!! my mare only comes to me at dinner time lol. hope it dries out soon!