Saturday 24 January 2015

Health and Fitness Goals

Tracy at Fly on Over had the great idea of having a monthly blog hop focusing on our health and fitness goals. I'm in!

I haven't posted any 2015 horsey goals at all because I'm having trouble quantifying things or setting a specific end goal like a particular show or jump height. As you can guess, I want to ride regularly, keep my horses sound and healthy, and catch a few shows and clinics this year. I also want to buy a trailer so I can take advantage of more training and showing opportunities. The details beyond me getting out and working consistently and saving my $ are vague beyond that. Pony training just takes as long as it takes I guess, and there is no point in stressing over meeting bigger picture goals for the time being.

But weight and fitness goals? I can totally do that!

It's undeniably true
Goal 1. Fitness.

 As I've mentioned, my part time job is incredibly active. I walk for about 6 hours a day/30km on quite steep streets, carrying on average about 20 pounds of mail. I should be getting fit, right? To an extent I am. The problem is that it's part time - and when  I'm not working there I'm doing projects for my normal career on my computer from home. So, I'm making it my goal to exercise every week day. On the days I don't get called in to the post office, I'm going to go for a (3-5k) run or (5-10k) hike in the early morning before I get sucked into the computer. I also have a winter time goal of riding every second day, which helps a little with overall fitness, I guess. End goal? I'd like to be able to run a 10k and am going to sign up with our local club's beginner training course later in the spring, aiming for fall completion.
My arms  and the  lighting hide my belly so I like this pic lol. Goal 1B: Look good in all my blog photos!

Goal 2. Lose 15-20 more pounds (by eating right).

This is fairly simple. It's shameful to admit I lost about 25 pounds starting a couple of years ago but a few months ago kind of thought it was 'good enough' and I deserved a break, so I stalled out and still have more to go.  I know the drill as far as calories in/out and choosing what I  eat wisely. Lately though, I've been exercising so much I've been 'starving' and haven't been watching what I eat. At all. It's terrible, particularly because there are no immediate consequences like gaining weight. BUT it's not helping me to be healthy either and it's a horrible habit to get into - I've been feeding my body so much 'bad' food! The weight needs to go eventually, not just for looks, but more because it's hard on my body, not to mention my horse's bodies, to carry that excess day after day. I'm racking up huge miles on the exercise front and it's hard on those joints carrying an extra 15-20 pounds all the time.  Also, how am I supposed to be a better rider when I'm always fighting my own body?
Objects in saddle may be larger in real life. Pony belly somewhat accurate lol

By end of February check in, I want to have:

-Consistently followed exercise 'plan' outlined above. Be close to being able to run 5k again without a walk break.

-Be 2-3 lbs down. (I'm not setting 'drastic' weight loss goals over a short time frame because I am not an overly tall or large person to start with so I would need to restrict calories/exercise unreasonably to lose much more than 1/2 to 1 lb per week. Also, my priorities lie with being stronger/fitter/healthier. The weight is more of a check point. Be prepared to be bored with miniscule weight loss every month)



  1. Eating healthy is the worst when you're exercising a ton and feel famished constantly!
    Good luck on your goals!

  2. Having health conscious goals vs straight up weight loss goals is a great idea. We could all do with paying more attention to what we put into our bodies or risk paying for it later.
    Fab goals!

  3. good luck and wonderful goals!! it's always hard when we *know* how to do a thing.. .but kinda just don't feel like it... hopefully your realistic goals and timeframe/check-in plan will help everything stay on track!

  4. I like your approach to weight loss, since so much of it is really about changing your lifestyle. I get stressed out when I make these big number goals and then don't meet them.