Wednesday 17 December 2014

The Weather Outside is Frightful, The HJU Contest Delightful!

Here's a contest none of you out there should miss out on. One of my favorite websites, Horse Junkies United, currently has a contest for a gorgeous new saddle!

Like so:
Link to Mac Rider USA facebook page here

It's super easy to enter, especially if you're a regular reader of their site. You just need to comment each day with the answer to the trivia question in the video, 'like' the Mac Rider USA facebook page, and share the contest on social media as you see fit. Check out the contest page for all the details. (And don't worry, you can catch up on entries all the way up to the 23rd - it's not too late!) I'd love to see one of you wonderful readers win such an amazing prize!

As my blog title would suggest, we're mostly washing away in all the rain here so I'm staying indoors as much as possible today and dreaming of warm, sunny days and beautiful new saddles, possibly two of the very nicest things on earth :)

Good luck everyone! Remember to enter before Dec 23rd :)


  1. Ooo htat saddle is pretty. Hope you win!

  2. nice saddle and contest!! and hope some sunshine finds you soon!

  3. Seriously Gorg saddle, I hope you win.

  4. Very prettyful - keeping everything crossed for a "local" winner & by that I obvi mean a blogger i stalk *ahem* enjoy following ☺