Wednesday 3 December 2014

(Nearly) WW: View From The Top

I was sorting pictures the other day and realized it can be very difficult for even me to differentiate which horse I'm riding when the picture is taken from the saddle.  Identical crazy manes? Check! Bay with lighter brown nose? Check! Black tips on the ears? Check! It seems a little weird to not be able to tell when they are such wildly different ponies to ride - their height, width, and attitude are so very different! They are at opposite ends of the spectrum when you're in the saddle, Ginger is so hot, sensitive, and willing, while Bridget is so sensible and lazy, and with a definite mare attitude!

Bridget. The angle of this one makes it pretty easy to see.
Ginger. Again not a bad angle to see.

Getting tougher to guess. Ginger. I can tell from the bridle

Bridget. I remember taking her for this ride!

These ones are anyone's guess. I'm putting it in the Bridget file because there are pictures of Bridget on either side of the sequence this came from
Ginger. Can tell from the date of the photo.

Happy Wednesday everyone :)


  1. yea this doesn't surprise me at all - your mares definitely have similar characteristics (physically, at least lol). nice pics! :)

  2. That's crazy hahaha. Cute pictures!

  3. Could be it's own fun guessing game - I'd have failed as i got them wrong while reading your post *blush*