Wednesday 10 December 2014

Audience Part 2

So...that weather warning I was mocking the other day? Yeah, it was actually for real and we're dealing with crazy flooding here - I've been manning the pumps and shop vac all day :( I haven't been able to see the horses since my ride Monday since the highway between me and them is flooded in multiple places, but I'm sure the barn owners have them all tucked in safe and dry. Have I mentioned I'm loving full board?

I'm going to be busy for a few days trying to clean up the mess - all of the properties we own are dealing with some kind of damage as a result of the storms and supposedly there is more bad weather on the way.  We're all safe and sound though, and that's what matters :)

I'm going to leave you with a little queued content for a few days, but I am really enjoying a little escapism and reading everyone's blogs when I have a few minutes!

(Nearly) WW: Audience Pt 2

This is the 'creepy' next door neighbour at the barn. He's usually all sneaky about creeping us, but sometimes you see his ears move above the fence and know he's there watching. Other times, just as we forget he's there, he really lets loose with a crazy donkey bray that scares everyone and effectively reminds us of his presence.

He's super cute! He lives alone next door, but the horses seem to like him and sped time socializing over the fence. I do think they'd thank him though if he refrained from too much donkey chat. Especially during morning siesta :)


  1. ahhh mini donkeys are the best I have one :)

  2. He does have that "creepy-peeping tom" thing going on... Or maybe he's like that lonely little kid waiting to be asked to join in on the kickball game. A mini donkey is on my list of wants in the future... Or maybe I'll take on the best of both worlds and get a mule.

  3. i love the donkey!!!!! and good luck with the flooding - hope everything clears up soon!

  4. Oh he is adorable!!!!
    Kika loved the donkey we used to meet on our road hacks in Ireland. She was fascinated by him, have yet to meet a donkey with Nancy so how she'll react is anyone's guess.

  5. Haha Love the donkey tidbit.
    Loving your blog. I can relate to all too much of your postings!
    Best of luck with the flooding.... we know that ALL too well. *sigh*