Thursday 29 August 2013

Vacation Shopping

Tomorrow is payday! Great, right? Nope, it's all got to go to paying off my credit card that was used way too much on vacation. I admit, it's still kind of awesome although my more responsible side feels more than a little guilty about my splurges. I blame G for actually stopping the truck at every tack store. He should know better and just keep driving :) I'd glad we bought the extended cab model truck, because the back section turned into my mobile tack store. Hey, we have no kids, so we might as well find a use for that space, right ?

First stop was in Chilliwack, BC. There's a little tack store that sells the basics cheaper than I've ever seen. So I loaded up on Swat and Supershield Green fly spray for Ms Gingersnap, as well as some cheap vet wrap because vet wrap is one of those things I can't seem to have enough of. I also bought a new schooling/trail helmet for myself, which I'm quite happy with for the price. I think the total bill for everything came to $45.

Helmet is pretty comfy and super affordable:

Next up, Greenhawk Kelowna. This was a pricey stop. 2 new pairs of gorgeous breeches at half price, a rainsheet for Ginger, a fly mask, more fly spray, 2 saddle pads, 2 pairs of gloves, Cowboy Magic detangler, and a new cactus cloth type mitt. I was super close to buying a new safety vest as well, but with all the gym time lately I've been losing weight (and I'm super determined to keep getting fitter) and would hate to end up with one that's too big.

The breeches are like so, and I got grey and beige:

Elation Platinum Euro Seat Breech.
I wish I could adequately describe these breeches - they're beautiful! The material is a tech type fabric that's lightweight without being TOO lightweight for those of us who'd rather leave a little to the imagination :) Reg price is $139 and they were on sale for 50% off. I'm very happy with my purchase. I saw several people in the Thunderbird hunter classes wearing them so it would appear I'll be one of the cool kids for the next couple of months at least ;)

Ginger's rainsheet looks like this:

Again, at
Pink plaid is going to look super cute on her! Sale price was $89, so not a screaming deal, but I've had these sheets before and they hold up really well. It was much too hot out to put it on her for a photo op, so you get to see the pretty Greenhawk model horse instead.

The saddle pads are pretty standard - a black one with silver piping and a navy one with lime green piping, again sale priced at 40% so I 'needed' them. The gloves are also basic : your standard summer leather crochet back type. I got a pair in black and a pair in baby blue for fun.

Ginger did model her new fly mask for us:

So ridiculous :)

Finally, a stop in Kamloops, at the Horse Barn. This is a more western themed place, but it's HUGE! They have a regular sized store space for boots and clothing, a second for basic farm/stable supplies, a third for saddles, and another for blankets, saddle pads, etc. It's kind of crazy. They even have a big art/gift gallery in the upstairs part, and a feed store attached. I saw tons of things there I really wanted, but sadly nothing was on enough of a sale for me to jump at. I ended up with a cowboy themed day planner for 2014 with great photography.
The boots I saw that I'm going to get. I have a similar pair I wear everywhere that have finally earned replacing. Justin Gypsys:

I think I have now exceeded my tack/apparel budget for 2013, but it sure was fun!

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  1. I have that same helmet in light blue! It's perfect for summer with all the vents.

    Sounds like you got some great deals!