Thursday 29 August 2013

Ginger's Digs

As I mentioned in my previous update, she's looking AMAZING. This is pretty embarrassing to admit, but when we pulled into the farm and parked the truck I walked right by her field! I saw her in the distance, but the shape had me thinking she was one of the farm owner's more mature cob mares :)

So. we had a quick visit at the other pasture with the other welsh cob mares, all of whom are gorgeous and were crowding the fence, vying for our attention. I could hear a horse whinnying for us in another paddock, and found this:

Beautiful Welsh D begging for our attention, but, again, not Ginger!

Finally, I walked over to the truck to grab Ginger's stuff before resuming the search, and there she was, quietly waiting for me by the truck. I guess she was letting us know she knows who she belongs to, but is way too cool to make a big dramatic display about it like SOME ponies lol.

Of course, she was immediately fed the rest of our fruit stand apples and spoiled thoroughly. (G was like : "You are NOT taking these nice apples to feed Ginger." Then, guess who gave her almost all 'his' apples:)

I gave her a good grooming, which she loved. As mentioned, she's filled out considerably - she looks like a mature Sec D at last. Silly girl has again rubbed out the top bit of her tail, and her mane is really long with a shorter patch she's rubbed, so I'll have some work to do to get her looking 'proper' again. She's the itchiest horse EVER, so the mane and tail rubbing is an ongoing thing with her, not to mention the belly scratching! I've yet to find any reason for the excess rubbing (dry skin, allergies, bug bites, etc), it just seems to be one of her quirks. Ms Ginny does like to do everything to excess, so I guess I shouldn't find it too odd. I'm sad to see the relatively small blanket rub she got last Christmas on her mane grew in a completely white section of mane - it's pretty punk looking :( Every little scrape she gets seems to do that, I'm not sure if it's because she already has a lot of roan type hair or whether we're just unlucky.
I taught her to bow! Actually no, she's just itchy...again.

She then took me on a tour of her paddock and introduced me to her friend around the barn and across the fence. I know it sounds completely anthropomorphized and silly, but as far as I can tell this is exactly what happens. Every time I move her or she has a new paddock neighbour, she is quite deliberate about either wanting to introduce me to her new friend or wanting me to see she doesn't like her neighbour. She'll also show me her new shelter, water bucket, etc. She's never rude or pushy about it and I think it's pretty funny so I play along. After she's done it once, she forgets about it and she won't do it again until the next time something major changes.

Geeky fly mask horses. Her new friend on the left:

I love their indoor, it's really nice for the summer, and probably just fine for the fairly mild winters they get:

Super ginormous Ginger mansion. Hard to tell in the pic but it's probably about 16ft wide and 24ft or so deep:

All of my Ginger pictures basically suck since she was following so close and really wanted to visit, and being pony deprived I had absolutely no problem with that. G was wondering quite how I got so filthy, them he saw the multiple hugs Ginger was getting.

She just can't stay away for something as silly as a photo op

I have lots of pictures of this nose. Is it an elephant or a horse? lol
 The weather was obscenely hot and humid, so I resisted the urge to lunge her for some nice pics. We had intended to take her up the nice trail through the neighbours vineyard, but it just didn't seem fair given the weather, and we opted to return the following day.

Sad true story, though, farm owner was away on her own vacation and all the area hotels are booked, apparently because they're shooting a movie there (with George Clooney!). So, as we got farther and farther from town, we opted to leave Ginger to admire George on her own and continue on our travels. I was a bit upset not to spend more time there, but at least we had a really good visit :)

I'm already counting the days until I get to ditch this city girl act and return to the horsey life-
T-92 days!


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  1. I am so glad you got to see her! Isn't she six? You will see a lot of changes from now through seven. Interesting about her mane and the marks on her, Connor's blanket-rubbed mane initially grew in chestnut but is now light like the rest. Any scrapes he gets, though, have grown in really dark starting this summer. Weird to know that hers are white! You're so close, just three months away!