Friday 23 August 2013

Ginger Visit!

We stopped in at Ginger's place yesterday. I don't even think I can begin to describe how excited I was to see her. I'm sure G was ready to divorce me with my google mapping ("142 km to Ginger's place", "140.5 km to Ginger's place", "139 km or 1 hr 20 min to Ginger", etc etc for days in advance ;)

She's looking great, although shockingly wide! She really filled out these past few months. 6 apparently really is the magic year for cobs. To be fair, she's a tiny bit overweight ( G asked if she was pregnant, lol) but she's also very stout. No more gangly legs and narrow-for-a-cob body. In my biased opinion she's looking the best she ever has. I'm really, really happy with the decision to leave her here for the summer, although I have many days where everything is wrong with the world because I can't get my horsey fix!

I have to keep this short as we're currently on a lake with sketchy cell/Internet service and I'm posting from an iPhone. I have tons of pictures and some other horsey adventures to recap in full when I get home next week :)

Photos are not so great as she really wanted to visit and I brought bags and bags of "presents" for her that were entirely too interesting, like the fly mask I'm holding while I try to take pictures!

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