Wednesday 12 September 2012

Lunch, Part 2

 This summer has been hot and miserably humid during the days, followed by intense storms in the evening...not ideal riding conditions and I am always grateful for the indoor arena. This past weekend the weather was absolutely perfect to be out and about. I tired my best to stay home and get important things (like our upcoming move) organized, but I kept looking out the window and finally just couldn't resist. I went out the door and got in the truck before I could change my mind, and off I went to the barn.
I arrived at the barn and realized I had left the majority of my riding gear at home.Which is about 60 miles back. Remember, I was supposed to be at home being responsible, which was to include doing all my horse related laundry and cleaning a mountain of tack. So, my tall boots, all of my breeches, along with Ginger's saddle pad, girth, and bridle were still sitting by the front door where I left them.
Luckily, Lainey's bridle can be adjusted in a pinch, and I did have my helmet. I wasn't about to ride in my new saddle in jeans, though -so bareback it had to be. I can report that riding a cob bareback is like sitting on a nice cushy couch and something I'd like to do much more of when Ginger is a little more predictable. There's really not much to report since I am not confident enough to try new things or push any boundaries bareback. We did a nice walk/trot warm up and left it at that.
So, after our short little ride, we went out to the big hayfield for an excursion in hand. Ginger was a super good girl, even at one point when a calf in a neighbouring field jumped the fence and chased us! I'm not from around here, so I wasn't sure what to make of that, especially once his momma on the other side of the fence starting getting upset. So, we got out of there as quietly as possible and  continued on until we found a nice spot for Ginger to have a quick lunch. I'd like to think these little outings where I walk her and let her eat if she's settled set up a good experience and give her a little confidence for our future trail rides. I've done it with all of my previous horses, but they were still babies :) It must look funny, me taking a full grown horse out for walks. She is a giant baby at heart, so it's OK :)
At any rate, the few walks we've done and the times we've been ponied out and about make me think we're almost ready to head out in the real world alone and survive our first trail ride.
Oh, and I got stung by a bee. And had a nasty reaction, so no Monday night lesson. Instead, a visit to the doctor. Looking like the starts will align on Saturday, though, so get ready for a Saturday lesson report!

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