Sunday 9 September 2012

Leasing Lainey

Today I went back out to the barn for one final meeting with the people interested in Lainey. Lainey will be used by their 12 year old daughter who is ready to move up to bigger jumps and a bit more of a challenging horse. I've been holding back on the idea of leasing her, but I'm glad I went out and watched them today. Lainey seems so happy!

Working full time, and with over an hours drive to the barn, I've not been giving Lainey as much attention as she's used to. She's been coming second to Ginger as well, since Ginger is the more needy of the two. Not good :(

Ive been holding out because I know I will have an abundance of time for her when I get to BC and I wanted to do some eventing clinics on her out there and use her as a trail guide for Ginger.

Then M came along - her horse had stepped in a hole and was lame - could she ride Lainey in her jumping lesson? They hit it off right away, Lainey loves jumping and is proving to be talented at it, and it's apparent they are well suited. I've said for a while that Lainey deserves her own little girl :) I'm embarrassed to say I got a little choked up at how proud and capable Lainey looked taking M over the jumps. This is what she's meant to be doing.

So, this winter she'll be taking her new girl to lots of schooling shows and generally getting pampered. They are interested in purchasing her, but we're going to go with a lease until spring to make sure this is right for everyone. I'm really going to miss her but I have no doubt this is the right thing for her. She's always been good to me, so it's very important to me that I do what's best for her. She's a very special horse, after all.

With Lainey otherwise occupied, it's looking more and more like I will be making my eventing debut on Ginger. The more challenging path will make the rewards that much more special...right? You only live once and all that? If nothing else it will certainly be the more interesting journey ;)

Lainey: "Oh, it's just you. Is that my new girl coming?"

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