Saturday 1 September 2012

In Which Ginger and I Do Lunch

This summer, I'm enjoying the fact that the Olympics and now Burghley are in a completely different time zone and available to view live online. I can get up early, watch everything live, get a good dose of inspiration, then head out the door to see my horses. My idea of a pretty good day! Fingers crossed for Sinead Halpin tomorrow...

The horses today both seemed pretty chilled out since last week. Lainey was positively cheerful, which as of late is a story in itself. The weather was once again a reasonable temperature and the mosquitos seemed to be out looking for a meal elsewhere. Perfect day to be outdoors with my horses.

Since it is T minus 28 days till we go back to coastal life, I figured it's high time Ginger got ready for life outside the ring. I've had excellent intentions, teaching her to pony off Lainey, riding her to the outdoor arena, and even packing my western saddle out to the barn. Sadly, either I have a lesson to get to, or it's dark out, or the weather is awful, or Lainey is being used for a lesson by one of the kids. Today, I had no reason not to go, and briefly contemplated just riding Ginger up the road to the neighbors place. I just as quickly decided that was a dumb idea when it was her first time out on the "trails" and I was at the barn alone. Leading her seemed the smarter option, as well as saving me a gym visit. Should I mention that this is rural Alberta and a walk to the neighbors and back is about 5 km? Yes, it's true. I figured if Ginger was good I could walk and jog and get my workout. I think I'm on to something for this winter because theoretically, when I hit the wall, she can carry me home. Potential there for her to be the best workout buddy ever!

Anyway, today she was a total star, happily walking and jogging with me and seeming to enjoy the outing. Not worried in the least about leaving her friends behind, the stray cow in the middle of the road, and most impressively, the tractor towing a baler that passed us. And, happy for me, the gravel roads didn't seem to make her bare feet ouchy at all. Her only concern was how to be polite, yet still gain access to the tasty buffet lining the sides of the road. I've got to admit, I was expecting a truckload or two of drama that didn't appear. As a reward, we stopped halfway and Ginger enjoyed some fresh alfalfa, while I ate a not so fresh granola bar I found in my pocket. A wonderful lunch with excellent company ;)

It's the long weekend, so I hope to get some proper rides in tomorrow, then of course I have a lesson Monday night.

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