Tuesday 16 April 2024

Happy Birthday!

In a case of time making no sense at all, how has it possibly been one year since they were born, but also, why is taking so long for them to grow up, I'm itching to ride them already!

Trademark/Tradey/Reggie is only10 days older than his 'brother' Bakari/Buck and they are of course both Welsh Cobs from the same farm. The similarities end there, and I'm here for it. I'm glad we opted for two different types, especially after waffling over it for months and very nearly doubling down on the more sporty type. 

I'm really, really liking little Buck. He's sensistive and spicy enough to be interesting and he's just genuinely a good guy. I like his look and I feel like once he's mature he's going to be pretty close to what I have in my mind as an ideal cob. I can see him being a really nice all arounder and fitting the 'Bridget, but a little more' cob I've wanted.

Half my pictures of him in motion make him look like a little round ball

And he kind of is. He's also pretty bum high at the moment.

Reggie currently encapsulates all the reasons I always felt a little more like a mare person. He's into literally everything, everything is a game, he's perpetually got nicks and scrapes all over him from making impulsive decisions. He's currently the equine equivalent of a very cocky teenage boy, and there are days I I love him and am exhausted by him in equal measure :) I feel bad for little Buck some days, because not only is Reggie a lot more energetic, he is a lot more athletic, so he's still fresh and ready for more play time when Buck is ready for a bath and a nap. He's a pretty stunning mover (I need to up my game and get video of his canter for you) and I feel very lucky he landed here with me.

currently looking quite leggy and refined

also standing still for pictures this day, good boy!

normal status is cantering everywhere he goes, then scaring himself

Both boys are enrolled in pony kindergarten, starting this week. Our little equine community luckily has a couple of other people with younger horses so we've planning weekly meetups as an excuse to get them out for little adventures and some low key groundwork. I'm thinking I'll alternate taking them because pony adventures and exposure to new things are geat, but also they're too young for jobs and there's no real training needed or required at this point, let them grow up a little more :)

growing up is hard work



  1. Love them and love this update!

  2. What a great update on the boys! The horsey kindergarten meetups/support club sounds like fun.

  3. Happy birthday kiddos!!!

  4. I also want pony kindergarten, even though I feel like Wynnie would be the class genius that also may or may not commit violence on any given day lol

  5. Happy Birthday Boys! You are both pretty special.

  6. Happy birthday to the boys! Pony kindergarten sounds like a fantastic idea!