Thursday 21 December 2023

Welcome to the raincoast

 It's rained a fair bit more since my last update and we're at a really depressing place where I have zero turnout because the ground is oversaturated and most everything is under standing water. This is the first year I've ever seen it this bad, which is kind of ironic considering we spent the $$$$ to put in tons of drainage across the whole place last spring to avoid just this situation. 

Of course no equines are remotely worried about it or have any desire to be inside.

Bought these two blankets, as you can see said blankets are not wanted. (In all seriousness, I'm working on that and it sounds weird but it might be the bright blue color?)

my cat looks like he's planning a vacation though

"Think how much worse it would have been if you didn't do the drainage!" is what my lovely and ever optimistic grandmother would have said. And, she's right. Our basement isn't flooding (knocking hard on wood), and I have zero control over city storm sewers being overwhelmed and backing up. So we've done our best. There are a few minor upgrades I'll make next spring, but generally speaking, this is winter here and the big struggle with having livestock.

even very helpful livestock (is it a yak? or an equine of some sort? can't tell)

starting to resemble an equine again, but this poor guy, the awkward stage has been...awkward.

 The ponies still have decent sized gravel paddocks that they can have a little canter in if they like and (mostly) dry barns. The rubber mats are the saving grace there - there's definitely been some water seeping up from the ground if my flooded hay area is anything to go by. My hay is up on pallets on a plywood 'floor' but standing water in there not a warm fuzzy feeling. A sawmill local to us has been providing us with nearly overwhelming amounts of free sawdust, so I don't feel too terrible if a bit of wet gets in to the horse stalls- I'm bedding them super deep and just changing it out more often than I normally would if it gets damp. The hay area is definitely getting an upgrade this summer, though.

hey Buck!

Hey Reggie!

In a second bit of ironic news, all that water around and still someone (it's me) apparently didn't soak the hay cubes thoroughly and Sophie choked a little on one. I recognized *that* cough right away thanks to a previous unlucky experience with another horse, but luckily it was minor this time. So, she's been getting extra soupy grain and soaked hay this week and seems better. I've been keeping a close eye on her because there's always the concern she might have aspirated some, but fingers crossed it's been a few days and we're hopefully in the clear.

Just a regular 4:30pm post work rainy Tuesday night longe in the dark, as you do. Loving that the days are going to get longer again!

Today's my last day of work before some much needed holiday time that takes me right through to the beginning of January. The weather, of course, does not look promising, but I'm looking forward to getting some ride time in and having a nice quiet break. 



  1. Oh, boy. Rain and mud is such a drag during Winter with horses. I am right there with you on that!

  2. We just got through four days of very high winds, rain and/or snow here on the East Coast. I can totally relate to the saturated soil issues - it gets old quick sloshing around.