Monday 27 November 2023


 You can’t accuse me of clickbait titles. 

In my defence, I think that “uneventful” being first word that came to mind to describe this past week is a lot more exciting and indicative of success than anything else. 

Spoilers: The Chaos Tail was flying, but no chaos ensued

I had a pretty standard week, doing all the things both riding and horse care that I would hope to do on a regular basis. And there is nothing noteworthy to discuss. Keep in mind I currently have a Sophie and two weanling colts at home. Sophie is the queen of all things chaos and the two new guys are not far behind. They’re definitely more solid citizens than her by nature, but also they are 7 month old colts still learning about the world.

They grow up so fast, I saw them playing baby stallion games the other morning (the whole kneel down and bite at legs and faces, mixed with rearing and chasing routine)

At the risk of completely boring you, I have a list of all the things that happened this week with absolutely zero drama. (Sounding super dull? Consider reading anyway, I also have more baby pony pictures to sweeten the deal)

-Rode at home a few times after work in the cold/dark/rain after minimal turnout.

-Haltered, medicated, groomed baby ponies daily after work in the cold/dark/rain.

-Trailered Sophie out to meet up for a trail ride with a friend over the weekend.

-The boys had their first appt with my farrier.

-Everyone took turns doing trailer loading and manners practice, everyone got a gold star.

The boys were both perfect gentlemen for their farrier appointment and it was zero percent complicated or stressful. It felt like the last check on the list of things the baby horses needed to know and be reliable about ASAP. They’re polite and easy to handle, they’re feeling comfortable and settled in our routine, and that’s all either of us really need to worry about for now. Also, have I mentioned how much I love them? They’re the best, most willing and personable little guys. We’re so happy with our choices. 

Sophie. And me. It’s been a journey this year, to put it mildly. So I’m very happy and appreciative to just be out there doing normal horse people things with a pony that’s happy to be there too. She’s been super lately, I’m starting to think she just needed a bit more maturity and time and positive experiences. I’m going to protect this at all costs by being super choosy about when/where/who we ride with, but it’s feeling good. I’m especially not sure I would have believed she’d ever walk chilled on a loose rein out on the trail, but it’s a thing now and I’m here to celebrate it. I do love my flatwork and arena time (and no hard feelings if the wilderness isn't ever really the fancy pony's thing) but it's such a better routine for everyone if we can safely add in a nice hack every few days.

I really should clip her but also look at the dapples.

And do I really need to clip? I'm not boarding so it's not a big deal to leave a cooler on for and hour or two and take if off and give her a quick brush when I get a moment.

Also me, loading up my pony solo and driving us out for an adventure. It really wasn’t that long ago where that felt more anxious making than fun and I’d try to talk someone into coming with me, but it feels totally fine now and very nice to be independent again.

I feel like we’re also overdue for a little Bridget update. She’s doing fantastic and she’s very much appreciated and loved. She’s with a horsey friend Sophie and I see often, but with the intense herd bound silliness still feeling quite recent I’ve been cautious about Sophie and B meeting up again in the real world. Soon though, I think there could be a little Bridget meetup content.



  1. What a wonderful week!! The floaty trot in sync picture 😍😍

    1. They trot and canter around in sync all they are ingrained to want to be someone's (mismatched, unfortunately) driving pair.

  2. Uneventful weeks are GOOD weeks ♥️

    1. So I almost feel superstitious writing about it lol

  3. Uneventful weeks are my favourite! It’s nice to see Sophie all grown up.

    1. I can't believe she's 7 already and this is the first time she actually looks (and to some extent, acts) grown up. Now to just get on top of the fact that under saddle she still feels like a 4 year old, lol

  4. Replies
    1. So lovely! I'm late to the comment replies but I'm loving that from the pictures it was apparently sunny and nice out too, it's been monsoon rains again...but the good rides continue :).

  5. It's times like these with horses that make all the difficulties in horsemanship worth our while. Feeling happy for you and your herd!

    1. It's been a struggle, but it's so fun how a week or two of better things is enough to make all the bad stuff go away :)