Thursday 16 November 2023

Photo Thursday

Not a thing, except here, this once. So, yeah, not a thing. 

 I've been trying my best to get a ton of media while the new guys are still so little, but the weather has not been cooperating - it's been dark and gloomy out there more often than not so the quality isn't what I'd hoped. Still, I have a long tradition of posting whatever media I've got and that won't stop now.

It's chaos out there lately.

I slightly envy people have actual quiet and well mannered weanlings...mine are definitely on the semi feral side of average. I can do everything I need to and they are good boys, but there's a bit of thinking required to set it up for success.

I just love them though

When you've got a welsh cob rib cage and appetite but your chest hasn't caught up

They're getting bigger so quickly, but they're still long legged enough that grazing looks awkward.

Pro tip - if you want cute baby horse pictures and you live on the west coast in winter maybe don't purchase black or dark bay ponies. A nice grey might be more the thing, one that prefers to stand and pose, rather than run everywhere.
Because even the palomino is slightly too quick on a dark day for my camera to track and focus well

So fast

We had a sunset that one time at 5pm

But I have lights! I'm happy

Sophie desperately wants out to play with the little guys. Hopefully by spring that will be safe.

Barn Kitty portrait. She always looks slightly disapproving

I've been riding and Sophie's been great

There are always ghosts beyond that corner but she waits until after we're done to fixate on them. Compromises :)



  1. Grey weanlings are absolutely hideous, ask me how I know 🤣🤣 cinna looked absolutely horrifyingly moth eaten at this point in her weanling year lol

    1. :D Oh no! lol I'm not sure there are any attractive weanlings out there in the wild. I've been looking at pictures of from some of the fall shows and falling into the trap of comparing, telling myself it's all going to work out in the end :)

    2. If you ever need a reminder, feel free to look at the transformation Tuesday post of Ruby from about.... Fall of 2021 I think? She was THE fugliest yearling imaginable and it definitely got better 🤣

  2. Great photos- Weanlings, Sophie, Barn Cat and lights! Gloom or no gloom, you capture some great shots. Yay for getting in rides too!

    1. I'm so happy when I have a regular riding schedule - it's been so hit and miss up until now