Tuesday 7 March 2023

Relive App

 In more good news, I'm feeling almost like myself again. I've been doing little hikes again, and my app says I get faster every time. I am feeling like I am the slowest person on earth right now, so it's nice to have data to dispute that (last week's T is now likely the slowest person ever recorded in the history of ;).

I'm using the 'Relive' app right now and I would recommend - it makes these fun little videos of your adventures, but also creates a static map and charts distance, speed, and elevation per use but also over time. I've set myself a goal of 100km this month, we'll see if I get there.

I thought I would share because while it's not equine centric, it would be perfect for trail riding! It's easy to share the little videos and any photos you take pop up through the video in the appropriate place. I'm finding it fun to send G a little recap of my walk as a jazzy little music video. It's the little things :)



  1. This is cool, I'll have to check it out. Happy gentle exercising!

  2. Glad that you are feeling better! You'll be back in the saddle in no time!

  3. Take your time. Little, but often. Treat yourself like a horse coming off extended stall rest! πŸ˜€ Some days will be better than others. It's natural and it's OK! If you need to be aced or walked with a chain over your nose, I am sure your DH will help you out. Your neighbours might think you are into some really kinky stuff though! πŸ˜‚