Thursday 18 August 2022

Feeling Grateful

 This one's going to be short and sweet. It's been a bit of a trying week, but also I have so many good things to appreciate this week it felt like something worth putting out to the universe. I should set something like this to post as a weekly reminder, actually, it's so easy to get bogged down in the details and not see all the happy things.

1. This. The barn is ready for ponies! Pinch me, how many years in the making has having B 'at home' been? Tentative plans for Sophie to join her beginning of Sept.

Get used to this view, you'll be seeing a lot of it :)

2. This desk (which I need to finish assembling tonight). A friend gifted it to us and it's from the days of needing desk space for reviewing blueprints and surveys...which is perfect because in 2022 I'm one of the remaining few that still need space to roll out paper copies of such things. It's also got a super cool local history and I'm just plain grateful it made it's way to me after almost 100 years.

3. My old truck...she needs work to see the road again, but there she is, still mine. There was a time I wanted to sell it, but grateful to G for arranging to store it all these years...20 years later here I am ready to add it back to the project list (once the property is done, obviously, lol....don't be expecting miracles!). It'll look good hooked up to my trailer, no? Less grateful re: the truck itself existing and more that G has always known me well enough to know I'd regret selling it one day.



  1. Your post makes me happy! I too have had a crap week and seeing Bridget so happy at your cute farmette makes me smile. thank you for sharing it :) Also it looks great!!

  2. Sometimes stopping to smell the roses, especially when life isn't going as planned, is quite powerful for sure. Super cute barn, by the way. I smiled when I saw Bridget's name on the wall.