Saturday 20 August 2022

Easy Noteboard DIY

 I think every barn needs some form of whiteboard/chalkboard/noteboard. I know there are tons of handy apps and tech friendly ways to organize and share things, but I guess I’m just old and still just wanted a place to write things down. 

I wasn’t just finding a lot out there that 1. was big enough for a wall  2. sturdy enough for a barn 3. fit my ultra cheap spending habits.

So I made one. 

Here are your instructions:

1. Find an old glass window
2. Paint the back side of the glass (or don’t - depending on the look you want/effort you feel like expending)
3. Hang it in the barn

Mine works perfectly with dry erase markers or chalkboard markers.

I could have tried harder and made it fancy, but I had blue paint and a big old red window from the house. And that’s as far as I got with that ;)

Final caveat: it’s still a glass window in a barn. It’s hanging in my feed room, away from destructive ponies.


  1. having a good central note board is so so useful... we have two main locations, one with a white board and the other with a chalk board, where both boards are basically ancient and all screwed up with permanent marks and cracks and whatnot... i may or may not fantasize about a nice fresh new upgrade LOL! yours looks great too, nice way to repurpose an old window!

    1. There's one at work like that and it drives me nuts...I just want to buy them a new one every time I walk into that meeting room!

  2. Replies
    1. I could have tried so much harder, but for the effort expended it's pretty great!

  3. I love DIY projects. This is a great feed room idea indeed. Nice caveat catch on the glass and destructive ponies part, too. :-)