Sunday 6 March 2022

Shape Up (And) Ship Out

  Sophie’s got her trail riding ‘vacation’ coming up in a couple of weeks (how is time moving so quickly again?) so the push is on to re civilize her and turn her back into a proper riding pony before she heads out. Cowboy guy is obviously well capable of dealing with a sassy pony, but I really would like her to be able to just go off on lots of trail adventures when she gets there rather than having to spend time in remedial pony school. 

It’s also that time of year when I start getting all the finalized show and clinic schedules and start feeling extra sad I don’t have a pony ready to go and that I live in such an isolated area with limited local opportunities.

This is all good though, it lights a bit more of a fire under me to out there and put the hours in. I’ve probably been far too careful, taking almost a month to get her back to the base level where we left off with in December, but as always I feel extra careful with Sophie given her still a little immature self. Plus there are the challenges I had this winter keeping weight and muscle on her that make me feel like I started at zero and want to be very aware of building correct muscle and fitness back.

Little blanket rubs I didn’t notice IRL showed up in this picture. We’ll take that as a positive in that she’s filled out enough to start to outgrow her blanket? 

Given the trail riding adventure we’ll miss the first dressage clinic of the year but we’re back to a monthly schedule now so there are a lot more lessons upcoming and I’m hoping to fit in an online dressage test before end of month.

My work has now started recalling people to work in the office so I’m going to be making a commute from hell a few times a month. I imagine I’ll eventually get tired of that, but for now this is horse related in a positive way. If I need to travel again anyway…can I can bring Sophie along for further lessons or show opportunities? 
B is getting fitter.

I’m an adult and the temptation to gallop across the soccer field is still strong 

Bridget this week has just been the same as always. We’ve been getting out trail riding a few times a week and she is getting fitter. She’s been so fun and full of energy that I had the momentary thought of putting her back into proper work, but her boarding and vet appts for breeding are booked for May, which is approaching very quickly. It’s time for Sophie to step up and take on the majority of my “serious” pony riding goals :)

It’s going to be fun to see what she can do this year. 


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  1. I am looking forward to hearing about how Sophie does at camp.
    It sucks about having to go the back to the office. :(