Friday 11 March 2022

Daylight FTW

 Just a tiny celebration of the fact the days are now long enough to fit in decent rides after work!

The clocks change this weekend to give us another bonus hour so basically yay! daylight! now until November.

"All the better to see you with" says B, continually in search of the next morsel of food.

I already fit in 3 rides (soon to be 4) around work hours this week, and isn't that just the best thing?

I did sneak away a little early Wednesday afternoon to trailer to the arena, but we fit in a 1.5hr trail ride after work yesterday with zero worries about it getting too dark.

Look who goes by herself and chills at the trailer! I'd be lying if I said she's this good about it every day, but she's getting pretty good.

I've always liked slow trail riding over terrain as a non stressful method for getting ponies fitter. I have to say my body appreciated it this year as well. I guess I'm not young anymore, because the first rides back after a two and a half months off were rough despite regular gym, yoga and hiking keeping me otherwise active. Remind me of that next winter when I think I could take a riding break!

Sophie's had a couple of easy rides this week. I don't think she's ready to tackle the trails B and I have been frequenting (lots of bikes, people, loose dogs, part of it goes through a busy park and disc golf course and she's not the most confident trail horse) but I am hoping once she gets back from the island and has seen more of the world it's something we can start to do.

 For now, we've been sticking to our rides in the big outdoor arena, incorporating lots of big swoopy curves and changes of direction. I hit a bit of a snag this week where she got a bit fussy again in the contact and generally unwilling to go forward into it without either dragging me or sucking back and kicking at my leg (no happy medium, apparently)  but that's on me and my lack of  consistency this winter. Also, we don't turn left horse rides really do absolutely nothing for your self belief as a rider, lol.

Some fun portrait editing

It's coming, though. At a snail's pace, but it's coming. I messed up the Pivo videoing (not following me again AND in portrait mode - I will never remember that it doesn't save my previous settings, it seems) but the bits I did manage to view didn't look as bad as it felt and restored a little of my faith in my abilities.

Let me again overwhelm you with my excellent media

Anyway, it's time for me to leave for a ride. Enjoy your weekends!




  1. I managed to ride almost every day last week and NOT use my lights, which made me happy! Although I am super jealous of your trail access <3

  2. That portrait made me think of Lord of the Rings!

  3. I’m hoping to start with more regular riding now that winter is slowly leaving and the longer days. Carmen too has forgotten this idea of forward to contact.

  4. That's an adorably fuzzy pony! I am also super jealous of how gorgeous your trails look

  5. Sounds like progress is being made! I envy your trails-such a great way to gain fitness for the green beans.