Sunday 24 October 2021

Getting it Done

 You’re probably sick of me saying the weather stinks. I’m sick of me saying the weather stinks! We’re currently in the midst of another bad storm. Living where I do (and as you can probably guess from the blog name) I really don’t mind riding in the rain. Enough already, though - we’re flooded, my rain gear doesn’t ever fully dry before I need to go out again, and it just keeps coming! 

High winds are what is making riding not possible many days. It’s simply not safe to be out there unless you have to be. A quick expedition the other night found trees down and blocking our trails and I’m sure more will be falling today. Even our club arena is surrounded by giant trees and I learned last year some awfully big branches can fall and land in the middle of the arena (where I previously thought I’d be safe on windy days.)

Spying on Sophie between some trees at the club grounds the other night 

Never fear, though - we did have three consecutive days this week where there were a few hours between storms, and we took full advantage.

So what if the break in systems always seems to be right when it’s getting dark? Pick your battles, lol

Plenty of light left in the day for a ride ;)

You know who was an absolute star this week? 

Bridget, obviously. 
Not sure there’s another horse I’d happily trail ride on a stormy night in the dark after two weeks off.

But also Sophie! I’ve been longeing her when I can and she’s been happy to get to work and been very businesslike. Zero drama. When we pulled the trailer out yesterday she actually came running to the gate and whinnied at it. She loves going on adventures on the “party bus” and I guess it had been a little while.

That attitude continued once we got to the arena and I had the nicest ride where a few little puzzle pieces popped into place for us. She totally would have had a free pass after the limited riding we’ve had in the last couple of weeks plus the absolutely horrible conditions (pouring rain and a flooded arena) but she brought her A game. So pleased. 

The pony part of her breeding pays off when it’s pouring rain and I forgot her rainsheet at home. And didn’t check indoor arena bookings prior. No worries, she says, I’ve got hay.

I’ve been playing with my new camera this week, but I don’t want to test it’s water resistance or durability on Raincoast horse adventures just yet. Let’s give it a little bit to stay shiny and new.  It’s currently being utilized for house cat modelling. Our cat knows sit/stay/lay down, comes when he’s called, looks where you point, shakes hands, etc so he’s an easier subject to practice on than the horses (Does adding that cat training detail confirms my crazy cat lady status for you? lol)

No, I didn’t take 84 pictures of my cat yesterday while it was too gross to be outside, what are you talking about? 😁
Hope you all had a great weekend! Fingers crossed for a few more horsey outings this week. Much as I like the cat, I’m missing my daily outdoor adventures.


  1. I'm glad that you're still able to get stuff done despite the weather! And the cat photo 🤩🤩🤩

    1. The weather's just been unreal this fall - normally my favorite time of the year but it's been a total washout. Ponies have absolutely zero excuse to be anything but completely solid with ditches, puddles, creeks, bridges etc at this point though :D

  2. I love that your cat is getting to star in the photos! My phone upgrade two years ago was mostly so I could take better cat pictures. My cat knows high five, beg, and comes when she's called. But stay seems much more useful for pictures... Might work on that next, great idea!!

    1. They're just such fun creatures to have around, aren't they? We keep talking about having dogs again, but I kind of want another cat first ;)

  3. I had been hearing about the storm off of Vancouver and hoped that you were doing okay.

    1. We got lucky and it ended up not being nearly as bad as predicted, just lots of trees down and ferries cancelled. We didn't even lose power! I think there is another one we're supposed to be aware of arriving tomorrow - then SUNSHINE and pony riding on the weekend!!! :)