Friday 8 January 2021

Rain, Rain, Go Away

 It's that time of year. If we're lucky it just rains, if we're unlucky we get some nice hurricane winds added to make sure the damp gets into everything.

Since I've moved home this is the time of year where I seriously question owning horses. The pastures are off limits, their smaller paddocks are really muddy, and this year even their shelters had rain blow all the way in a couple of times. It's dark way too early and riding is a weekend thing if you can find a break in the weather. It's awful. This year, with the pandemic, we don't even have an indoor to rent on a regular basis.

The pastures might be able to home a small, freshwater loving one right now.  ;)

You may recall I had a really dumb fall and a concussion mid December, which actually timed out OK given the lack of riding opportunity the last few weeks have given us. I needed time off with lingering migraines and sore neck, so I have just got Bridget out a couple of times since Christmas. Of course I do make sure both ponies get a lunge or turnout in the drier round pens every day.

Tis the season for dark and blurry indoor arena photos. This might have been last week. maybe the week before?

I'm finally feeling back to normal and my new MIPS helmet for schooling arrived in the mail Wednesday, so I've tentatively put out feelers to get our little riding group meeting again on Saturdays. Turns out even my most die hard friend said she hadn't ridden since the end of November, but we're going to give a go again this weekend. Can't wait.

Helmet arrived without a hat silk/helmet cover, so it's going to be a look.

Last night's sky had a bit of blue in it. It's raining again this morning, but maybe we will see sunshine tomorrow!

A funny story to finish out.

The wind and rain was really epic the other night, so when I pulled into the barn I was surprised to see Bridget standing out in her paddock rather than in her stall. (I do worry about tree braches coming down, but she's normally quite sensible about putting herself away in the barn when the weather's bad, so I leave her gate open) She gave me the saddest whinny ever. Like Disney worthy - she never whinnies or vocalizes but even I was like "Bridget says something is very, very wrong"

A closer investigation showed the top door on her stall had given in to the wind and was hanging off one last hinge and dangling into her stall, banging loudly every time the wind gusted. Poor B was absolutely disgusted with that situation. Being B, though, as soon as I removed the offending object she was back to her normal self and looking for dinner.

You know who lives right next door to B and ignored both B's warnings and the super loud, random banging? Sophie. My spooky, silly pony was bone dry, standing in her stall waiting for dinner, totally unworried that it sounded like a sledgehammer was coming through the wall next to her hay net. The same pony who just about fell over when she spooked at a car door slamming 400' away. 

Doing best unicorn imitation





  1. It's always funny what they will and won't spook at ;) poor Bridget having to stand out in the rain until you rescued her!

    1. Poor sad Bridget! Sophie is such a weirdo LOL

  2. i'll be curious what you think of that helmet! my standard brimmed one-K defender has been the best fitting / looking helmet i've ever owned (so much so that i bought it again when it expired). but the one-k skull cap i have is a.... different shape and fit. i'll keep it til it expires (uh, probably last year, whoops), but won't buy the same again.

    1. My other helmet is a MyPS and the one I just replaced was a $100 ovation one so I unfortunately can’t tell you how it compares to a one-K. I ordered the ms1 from the UK and for the price ($175CAD) I’m really happy. Fit is the same as the MyPS, neither feel high end, but both have removable, washable liners, and both have a leather/leather look chinstrap/harness that adjusts and snaps a lot more comfortably and securely than what I previously had (the chinstrap on my ovation one completely let go when I fell, hence the concussion). I saw reviews saying the ms1 feels cheaper/less substantial than the 4 star, but I like how light it is. The MIPS thing is basically a yellow plastic liner that clips in over the foam, so that’s a bit weird considering they tend to charge more for MIPS helmets - I was half expecting something a little more technical looking and I *think* the ms1 is basically their mid range jockey skullcap with that extra yellow plastic bit added :) Both have a bit of a motorcycle helmet vibe going on and come down pretty far on my forehead and the back of my head.

  3. I’m also amazed at the things that spook or don’t spook Carmen. I’ll be curious to hear your thoughts on the helmet and lack of brim.

    1. Once there is a cover on it, I don't tend to notice too much difference between it and a regular helmet as far as the visor goes. I don't exactly live in a sunny area though! It's reportedly safer to not have a fixed brim on your helmet - one less thing to potentially lever your neck around should you fall that way and I liked that thought for schooling S. You never know though, I might hit the xc course again one day in which case I'll fit right in ;)

  4. Ugh rain and high winds are no fun. Poor Bridget and the stall door...good thing you arrived to fix it.

    I'm in the market for a new helmet this spring, so interesting to hear how you like this one.

    1. So far I like it! Fit and feel very similar to the MyPS I have been using, but maybe a bit lighter feeling. Fits me super well and is very nicely made, but is pretty basic materials. Great for schooling, at least for me. I think I'll do a proper review once I've ridden in it a few more weeks.