Friday 22 January 2021

A Week In The Sun

A couple of weeks ago, I basically threw my hands up in the air and decided winter was winning and it was OK to not ride much for a bit. Then the sun came out, the paddocks dried out, and the ponies had a (and I) have a very early case of spring fever.

A side note for those that don't live here...somewhere around October it starts raining, a lot. By mid November you'll start to wonder if sunshine and dry ground was ever really a thing. By December the wind and rain storms are seemingly incessant. Days and sometimes weeks go by where my truck headlight sensors assure me there is no 'real' daylight.

Then, eventually a high pressure weather system interrupts things - and the sun comes out!  Once we all get over being blinded by the light, everyone starts riding, hiking, doing yardwork, and generally is in a wonderful mood. It's almost a bit of a vacation atmosphere - everyone getting in all the fun they can before the rain eventually returns. We're expecting a first (and probably only) dump of snow this weekend so the excitement this week is extra real!

Zoom zoom

What's really great about these little winter reprieves is that the horses are completely on board for it. After being totally wild earlier in the week, B spent almost all of yesterday sunbathing <3 S of course is never one to turn down a good party, but by yesterday even she was so partied out she could barely find the energy to accompany me for a walk. 

lol @ Sophie's worried face when even Bridget is on the move!

I turned them out together the other day for a bit for a bit of pasture while the ground is drier. That is normally a Big Occasion for them mid winter, but they both elected to just kind of chill in the corner together :)

Post ride and still some light in the sky! I'm a lot happier with her weight than I was but there is still a bit of work to do.

The other great thing about sunshine is that the days last a little longer. I was able to fit a ride in after work on Wednesday, a pony 'spa day' on Tuesday, and a walk to the arena and longe for Sophie yesterday. 

Was a good girl this week except for breaking her new halter when she decided spa day was taking too long, so we're temporarily back to the Barbie princess pony one she came with.

Midge feeling the vacation vibe...despite all efforts for a nice photo her bottom lip would not get out of snooze mode.



  1. If you don't send that photo "post ride" in to Welsh D Magazine, I'm gonna be pissed at you cuz they obviously need cover photos. *push* There is such a magazine, right? Your horse is dreamy and fit and we're coming to America SOON and I want to give her 2 kilos of carrots when I meet her. One kilo if you insist, the other for another day.

  2. Sunshine in winter always feels sooo good.