Saturday 6 June 2020

A Little Wishful Thinking

This past week started with a riding friend of mine sending out a link to a super fantastic cross country clinic, happening soon and geographically quite close to me.

And...I'm not sure if I'm having some kind of riding crisis or this whole quarantine thing finally has me a little twitchy, but I really REALLY want to go. I was maybe three rides back into a schedule and even at 99% walking, B was like "ughh...the arena...can we NOT?" which reminded me pretty quickly of all the reasons I bought Sophie to be dressage pony prospect extraordinaire.

This post brought to you by pictures of happy ponies in fields

 Anyway, the thought crossed my mind that maybe Bridget would enjoy a return to tiny level eventing and so put her on a back to work program this past week.

The thought was short lived however, as her COPD flared up again yesterday and I felt all the sadness that goes with that. The vet's still coming next week so I'm sure we'll get a better handle on it, but that combined with the general lack of fitness and time I doubt we'd be ready to go trotting and cantering around even tiny things in 3 weeks.

My husband, after an initial WTF look when he found out it was an eventing clinic I so desperately wanted to go to, talked further sense into me when he gently reminded me Covid is still a thing and the ferries are still asking for essential travel only.  Also, remember that last xc clinic where I decided dressage was my new thing? Lol. Can you blame my brain for wanting to forget Bridget and I parting company 2+ times a day for three days straight? Why do I only remember our great placings the last year and not the crazy anxiety that only got worse every show?

Anyway, I've accepted the clinic is not meant to be and that there is always next year. I recognize dressage shows are a happier place for me. But, apparently I really miss xc schooling...or my barnmates...or galloping in an open field, or probably just all of it.

So, I did what any reasonable person would do and went home and came within half a second of putting an offer in on a lovely connemara mare with perfect breeding for eventing.

I still have the ad bookmarked.

Send help.



  1. haha don't get a third horse! Because a third horse leads to a fourth horse and a fourth horse turns to a fifth one! And none of them will be wanting to do anything you want to do so you'll have to buy a sixth LOL

    1. Excellent point. It's become apparent I'm not much for selling these days and I also want to do all the things so it's better to stay the course and prioritize my goals :)

  2. I don’t think I can send help. I think a nice mare for your riding goals now while you bring Sophie along makes sense. Also, Bridget can retire as matriarch. 😁 plus you can take one away without guilt.

    1. My husband is actually of exactly the same opinion and keeps enabling me lol.

  3. I also will not send help. A connemara mare sounds perfect. ;-)

  4. ooh that clinic sounds awesome -- you should try to find a catch ride! there are literally tons and tons and TONS of horses out there at this exact moment who can do low level eventing and don't require ownership. if that's where your heart's at, why not try to find one to do that with for a little bit (like a lease or lessons or whatever)??? before buying charlie, i literally went out and rode every single horse i could hustle up to do all the things with to make sure what i thought i wanted was what i actually did in fact enjoy doing

  5. Come on, you should no better then to expect us to say no to a new pony! :p