Friday 10 April 2020

Where DOES the time go? One year of outtakes

I got a entry level "proper" camera about a year ago and while I might not ever have an eye for it (or the technical know how) I absolutely LOVE it. Thank you so much again to everyone who offered encouragement and suggestions when I was pondering a camera for myself - it's definitely a new hobby that's here to stay.

I like this one, mostly because it was a fun evening

The only "downside" to my enthusiasm plus lack of skill is all the photos I have. (Because why take one great picture when you could cross your fingers, hold that camera button down, and hope one of many turns out. I tend to get 10 average ones and lack the willpower to ruthlessly exclude (because pony pictures!) so on my computer and in thumb drives they sit  ;)

Love the snow, but her blanket is nasty and her foot is missing :)

In my efforts to remedy my virtual hoarding, I'm sharing the ones I had in a 'For Blog' folder and for whatever reason never ended up using. Get ready, there is a bit of random media overload coming up next:

There is a pair of fairly friendly ravens that live in a tree near my horses. Plus side: they're funny and friends with Bridget. Sophie chases them, so they've made that a game that seems to entertain both sides. Downside: they bathe in my water buckets, and bring Bridget 'presents' that include everything from apples to shiny things to old baked goods I think they're getting from someone's compost. In short, they're messy!

Could have been cool, but it's out of focus and her mane is braided.
I notice I take lots of pictures of the scenery on my rides, but they seem out of context here without the horses in them or me riding:

There's a horse friendly trail along the edge of this little arm of a big lake
This is what a typical trail looks like here
The old road to find this view is super steep, Bridget needs to be in better shape before we venture back up.
I seriously need to invest in clippers next fall:

I can't not see the bad beard cut. Sorry, B
Luxuriously thick coats for everyone this winter
Even our cat. So soft, so unfair that he hates being petted. Best to just clip it off (just kidding!!)
Just a round pony out getting some exercise.
And some more
Even more
Sophie enjoying dinner:

Sunset dinner

More random sights from the trails:

Our house is down there behind the lake
Too mucky to swim with horses here, but the picture turned out kind of relaxing looking :)
Truly random:
Wants to be spokescat for those tasty, tasty almonds?
Enjoy your weekend everyone! Hope you're all keeping safe and healthy <3


  1. Corvids are my favorite birds. <3

    1. Me too! Was so sad when Canuck the Crow went missing, I so wanted to meet him.

  2. You have a great eye for pics! I love following your instagram because everything looks so gorgeous up there!

    1. We've been lucky and had more sunshine than normal - it used to feel like years would go by where it was like living in a dark swampy swimming pool. But when the sun shines, it's a beautiful place to be :D

  3. Lovely pics! My hubby would be jealous of the ravens bringing Bridget gifts. He is desperate to have crows or ravens that he interacts with. lol

    Your west coast scenery is so different that ours! The one pic of the trail looks like something from Jurassic park!

    1. That whole area is so green and mossy! Miles and miles of trails like that. It's in a valley that doesn't see much sun and with all the ferns there's a definite prehistoric feel to it.

    2. Re: the ravens - they tolerate me because they like to pick through the hay I feed the horses. They hang out with Bridget almost all day though and she shares her meals with them. They follow me around a bit but as soon as they think I'm paying attention to them they leave!

  4. I'm glad you decided to share! This is a great collection of images and really brightened my morning.

  5. those photos are great! WOW you do have an eye (even if you think you don't) Mine tends to be photos of overfocused feet or sky hahahah

  6. I'm SO glad you got a DSLR! You've really got a great eye for shots, and I have loved seeing so many this year. You live in such a stunningly beautiful place. I'm happy to get to see it through your eyes.