Sunday 24 November 2019


I so wish I could find the link, but recently I was reading a facebook(?) post on the importance of asking why.

Bridget: Why does T take so many pictures?

In a nutshell: Whenever you say "My horse needs to..." stop and ask yourself why. If it turns out they don't really need to, consider giving it a pass and reprioritizing. If it's something they do need to do, consider why and break it down so you can prioritize the important pieces of the goal.

Here's a couple I'm reconsidering:

Sophie needs to be as good as Bridget on the trail. Why? Because I always own good trail horses. I like to think I'm good at making them.
That's such a dumb reason :) Reality is, she doesn't need to be. I only trail ride once a week or so.  I own a Bridget. I can longe Sophie first, and she just needs to get me from point A to B safely. Its fine if she's a bit more spooky and energetic than the stereotype - I bought a quick thinking dressage pony, after all.

Note the lack of fancy dressage pony grooming and attire...we've deemed that unnecessary this winter too :)

My horses need to load in the trailer with minimal hesitation. Why?  I was just involved in an emergency planning project and it was emphasized it could literally be the difference in getting them out alive or not.
So, we will keep our skills up.

We walked around the block the other night. Barnmates were like " That's it?" Yep, that's all :)

My horses need to stay in work all winter. Why? Because...reasons...OK, I have none, besides I feel a teeny bit competitive with others progress, and I feel lazy if I don't do things too.
So, we know that's dumb. Its dark out, the weather stinks. Sophie really could take some time to grow,  B is awaiting a saddle change to hopefully solve the mystery stiffness, Sophie is also getting a saddle that fits so we can be a bit more serious. Both have very large turnouts with room to run and burn any energy they might have. So, I should stop feeling guilty already and just enjoy a small vacation too.



  1. Ooh, this is a good way to think about things! "WHY does the horse need to do this?" I will be asking myself and my students that on a regular basis. Priorities are so important, but can be hard to be objective about.

    1. My coach used to be so good at asking me why, such a good way to make goals and priorities and have an understanding of where we both were at...I miss those lessons!

  2. Staying in work in the winter - that's a tough one. I think asking yourself "why" is a really excellent way to realize if something is "doable" or not. It can be hard to sit back sometimes and say, "Hmmm, maybe this is a stretch because of a, b, or c" and I think you and I are alike in so many ways that we see other people being able to do something and we want to be able to do it too, but we have more roadblocks in our way and sometimes, its hard to be OKAY with having roadblocks.

    1. I was beating myself up a little about not riding multiple days a week anymore, But I have to recognize that the last time I was truly able to do that was when I was boarding and in regular lessons and basically had a lot of help on hand! Weighing it out, trying to keep to that schedule now, the: why? doesn't outweigh the: but how? I know you're in the same boat, and I love that there are people like us out there getting things done in spite of all the challenges!

  3. mugwump chronicles post on "Should"maybe? The why and because they should sounds familiar.

    1. Ohhh, thank you! I just read that - so excited she's back posting. She's so amazing, probably the facebook post I saw was related to her blog post.