Tuesday 26 November 2019

Early Winter Resources

 I'm back with some of the things I've enjoyed reading, watching, or buying in recent months (the small consolation to losing daylight so early - a little more time to peruse the internet!)

It was 4pm when I took this.That's all I can say.

 - Let's get controversial right of the bat: The Rider Weight Debate. As a not so small rider of ponies, you know this was a link I had to click. It's a very small study but I still thought worth a read. I liked the calculator links at the end of the article...like most there is a minimum suggested horse weight, but they break that down further. For example someone of my size should be good on any draft horse, average horses, or small horses/ponies over 14.1hh. Cool. Time to lose weight, because smaller ponies would be nice to see on the list :)

- Bucas Freedom Riding Rug.This thing is perfect for my needs. Waterproof, and attaches over the saddle so I can put it over my legs and stay warm and dry. It's got reflective stripes and has a tail flap too so the ponies stay dry and safe. Oh, and the lining is nylon, so no static shocks.

I ordered hot pink, but this grey-blue color came instead and I like it.
- Recognizing Subtle Lameness. The link is to part 1 of a video series on YouTube. I haven't watched the rest yet, but I found the first one useful - lots of points brought up I hadn't considered and good visuals for what to look for and how to see which part of the body it may be originating from. Some of the stats they mentioned were rather alarming to me but I'll let you make up your own minds.

-AnnaBlakeBlog. How have I only recently discovered this? I'm enjoying reading through. Some of the topics resonate immediately as things we intuitively know about our horses, some I think I might mull over further before I commit one way or the other. Whatever the case, it's got me thinking and I like that.

-Keystone Equine. I've been a fan of this facebook page forever because she's Canadian and trains ponies so obviously she's awesome ;) Seriously though, if you don't follow her already, she's worth a look and I see she has a new book to tempt everyone with too. I've added it to my Christmas wish list.

-This Bit. I took a chance since it was marked down 80% off  and the only size left was the hony size I seem to need. (It's feast or famine with these sized equines, I swear - either the thing you want simply doesn't exist in their size and you need to order custom, or you score because the size you need is the same one no one else wanted and it is on super clearance sale. ) I've never found a magic bit for Bridget and Sophie needs one, so why not? Sophie is SO dramatic and fussy...the rest I tried on her were immediately met with a big gaping mouth trying to spit it out. This one is not loved either but it's acceptable and she carries it quietly, so it's a win. I need to try it on Bridget and see what she thinks.
Sprenger Dynamic RS



  1. I love seeing what resources and things you are learning and doing - keep it up all winter!

  2. Oohh those calculators are super, super cooL! I did my current weight and found that I need to be on horses at least 766# and bigger than 13.2hh. No problem! Q is my smallest and has 200# more than that haha. I also did my old weight back when I did ride handful of small ponies and was happy to see that I probably was okay to ride the small ponies I rode back then. I never rode any of them for more than 30 minutes in one go, so even if it was borderline, probably okay. In hindsight, I always worry about having hurt them!